Latest videos from the Florida Panhandle (VIDEOS)


Hundreds and Thousands of Dead Man-O-War, , March 5, 2011:

Pensacola Beach Mar 05, 2011 – BP Oil Spill Update, , March 5, 2011:

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  • monkey99

    if anyone is aware of any resources, groups or individuals who have the means and are willing to help folks relocate from the Gulf of Mexico, please help by leaving that information here or by connecting those who you are in communication with in the Gulf and their families to those that can help.

    i have the sinking feeling that it isn’t occuring to a lot of people to relocate, they do not have the resources or they are feeling alone and helpless in this sickening situation.

    it is obvious that our government has abandoned the people of the Gulf to BP a long time ago, and i hope it is becoming glaringly obvious to us all how BP operates.

    fosl readers, if it is within you and you have the means, please do what you can to reach out and help.

  • xdrfox

    Dead Jellyfish Washing up Along Gulf Coast
    National Wildlife Federation to Take Tissue Samples to See if Oil Spill Caused Their Deaths
    GULFPORT, Miss., May 3, 2010
    (AP) The head of the National Wildlife Federation says he has seen a huge number of dead jellyfish along the beach on an island at the southern end of the Mississippi. ….

  • xdrfox

    June 1st, 2010
    Jim Thomas of the ETC Group discusses what’s behind Exxon pouring millions of dollars into the world’s first synthetic life form, a algae named ‘Synthia.’
    Then, crude oil and the toxic chemicals BP is using to disperse the oil is now killing wildlife all along America’s Gulf Coast. Joining host Daphne Wysham to discuss the connections between these toxic chemicals and cancer is Sam Epstein. Doctor Epstein is a professor of Environmental and Occupational Medicine at the University of Illinois School of Public Health and the chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition.
    The President’s Cancer Panel warns that childhood cancer is increasing for unexplained reasons in its latest annual report.

  • DreadPirate

    Friday, March 4th. Orange Beach Al. As I drove into Orange Beach it became noticable at once, the heavy chemical laden air. This time [after many months] it was differant. The usual smell of crude was replaced with a sickening odor, like nothing I have ever been exposed to. 10’s of thousands of blue jellies dead on the strand of beaches from Perdido Key,Fl to Gulf Shores,Al. You could see them floating on the waves. This was no ordinary day. It was extremely windy with huge waves, people were surfing.[?]The waves were a grayish color and I believe that the odor in the air was caused by the violent mixing of chemicals. Does anyone have a suggestion or know anything about this? I can now say with absolute confidence, that the first really good storm will bring disaster to the whole GOM shoreline. One other thing, there are no crabs or any signs of life, the remaining or returning gulls/pelicans are starving to death, they appear very thin and frail.

  • These vids clearly show this isn’t weather oil, and many crustatceans and shell life have had their tissued dissolved right out of their skins, which leads me to conclude that even higher concentrations of Corexit maybe in use. If so these leads to 2 more conclusions, the fish and mammals are dying becuz of lethal doses of Corexit. That the plug well is neither plugged nor doing well. I agree, this administration is gaming, it’s pay to play, and BP has the dough. We must make concerted efforts in our churches, or organizations to provide a way out for the People of the Gulf coast states. When I was at church, many individuals are struggling more now under this administration than any other time in their personal history. We need to act decisively. The lawyers among us have to decipher and show us how to turn Obama regulations into a tool we can use to help those poor folks down there. And we must by-pass the government and take things in our own hands in this clean up. They have done everything delibrately wrong. It really is time for a change.

  • Jean

    Thanks to these folks for showing us what’s really going on. Looks like BP hasn’t made this right yet. We won’t be seeing these videos on

    I saw an ad on for Beaches of South Walton. Come on down and enjoy!!

  • found my fossils, they will be surprised in the end is the Jurassic Jurassic age have a human or not human

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