“I have nowhere left to turn”: BP refuses claim of “gravely ill” cleanup worker — “Can never recover money for medical bills and other expenses”

Official warns against quick settlement, Houma Today, December 18, 2010:

Clayton Matherne of Bayou Blue, who sued a BP contractor over the aggravation of respiratory problems related to spill cleanup that make him now unfit to work, has learned he can never recover money for medical bills and other expenses. Matherne said lawyers advised him to accept a $21,000 settlement and promptly took half of it. With medical bills and medicines to pay for, along with normal living expenses, the money didn’t last.

Matherne begged Feinberg for a resolution to his BP claim during a town hall meeting in Houma. He has since been told that his claim is refused. Last week Matherne learned that he is to be evicted from his Bayou Blue home and is in danger of losing his car. Work is not an option, his attorneys have maintained.

“I have nowhere left to turn,” he said. “Feinberg turned me down. Now I can’t sue even the other companies that were involved.”

Attorneys who tried to assist Matherne said his release is ironclad.

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