Like a “Ghost Town”: Fishermen say “their industry has come to a standstill” — “A catastrophe” (VIDEO)

Local fisherman continue to deal with oil spill aftermath, Fox 8 New Orleans, January 5, 2011:

It remains ghost town in the coastal areas of St. Bernard Parish. Fishing boats which are usually out working the waters are now dockside. …

The fishermen say more than eight months after the BP oil disaster, their industry has come to a standstill; adding there’s not much seafood to sell.

“A disaster. A catastrophe. Whatever you want to call it. Worst than Katrina,” said fisherman Emile Serigne.

3 comments to Like a “Ghost Town”: Fishermen say “their industry has come to a standstill” — “A catastrophe” (VIDEO)

  • xdrfox

    What is happening to this oil/Coexit filled fishing comunity…
    Many Fishermen are Now Turning to Illegal Ways of Making a Living …

  • soozla

    There is no one to represent the working man in this situation. I hate to get political —-but there was a purpose for the unions. A strong united front to represent the people.
    This part of the country has been sold a bill of goods–
    The working man will never be part of the “company”
    The recent vote went to people that defend big business under the front of helping the ecomony.
    Yes, their own.

  • Chelsea

    Wow, I’ve been to Ysclosky (sp?, I’d have to rewatch the video… I can only say it correctly!). This is SO sad. It was right about this time of year that we went too, maybe early February, back in 2000… that place was hoppin’ and we ate such delicious seafood for days. Then we traveled from there to NOLA, had more amazing food (first place I ever ate oysters, and the personnel at the restaurant had to “show me how” to eat them. Yum!) Then we made our way to Arkansas, to Hot Springs and to the crater of diamonds to pan for diamonds (wish we would have found one!)….

    All distant memories. We’re never going to have that again. Thanks BP, you’ve made me very proud to plaster my “BOYCOTT BP” sticker on the windshield of my car.

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