Lisa Nelson passed away today — Face, neck swelled to “three times normal size” after trip to beach in September (VIDEO)

Via Robin Young, March 7, 2011:

Your life was a blessing
your memory a treasure…
You will always be with us
In our hearts forever

Please pray for all of us that knew Lisa …our hearts are so heavy tonite and include her family!

Via Jerry Cope, March 7, 2011:

Credit: Jerry Cope

I am so furious! Lisa died today. I am so sad. I went on my Youtube to add an annotation of her death to her video and I am furious! When you play the video a f*%$king BP ad comes up at the bottom – on my video!

Doubt if anything can be done but this is an insult!


Via Jerry Cope, March 5, 2011:

She is not doing well after several trips to CA for treatment. She has inoperable cancer the doctors believe was triggered by her exposure to the oil & dispersant. BP kills.

For more information read: Alabama woman’s face and neck swollen “three times normal size” after trip to beach in late September (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

29 comments to Lisa Nelson passed away today — Face, neck swelled to “three times normal size” after trip to beach in September (VIDEO)

  • xdrfox

    Each administration picks new people to take control and run each agency, and these are less skilled or as knowledgeable as the ones that are leaving. Does anyone believe they read everything that the previous administration did and learned as well as the the past 3, 4, or 5 ?? And we wonder why we have people who seem clueless when the sh*t hits the fan and ready to take anyone word on a subject to keep from looking like a moron like so many do when Senate puts them in the hot seats to WHY they did or did not do. Then come the blank looks and I’m not sure’s, and I will have to get back to you on that ! Educated Idiots collecting big checks and no answers or administrative knowledge of facts on what they are suppose to know and keep us safe ! But they get the big checks and retirement with the Elite persona !
    R.I.P. Lisa

  • xdrfox

    The data being released, which was collected by the NASA missions to the Gulf, shows that the toxic compounds released from the BP spill became airborne, and significant quantities were brought onshore by precipitation, thereby exposing coastal populations to chemical poisoning. This represents something new and unique not observed in previous oil spills. It helps explain why there were numerous reports by people living along the Gulf Coast that it was raining oil and dispersant during the summer months. …
    Plants are Showing Us There Is Something in The Rain. (Pictures)
    on Monday, October 11, 2010 …

    IL: I think it is important to establish for the record that the unique aspect of this [BP blowout] is that the volatiles were continuous, it was not a one-day exposure. The chronic nature of the spill and the therefore chronic nature of its health impact is a pretty unique aspect of this event. The reason I think it’s important to call it unique is that it gives a way to explain why various government agencies using protocols developed for a single coast spill didn’t get it right because it’s not the same. I think it’s important to give the people we really want to take responsibility a way of saying ah, yes, you’re right and jump on the bandwagon with us. We need NIH to fund a 50 to 60 million dollar study because this is something that had never happened before.
    The data we collected in the atmosphere shows a very high hydrocarbon load and we were able to identify more than 100 compounds in it. Many of them have health implications. There were large amounts of them and they have similarities to gasoline. In that regard the modeling I did seems to suggest that there are reasons for concern. There are reasons to do additional research.

  • xdrfox

    To date : It’s still in the air, in the dew, coming from the gulf waters, it’s just different concentrations depending on weather conditions as winds, humidity, temperature make it more noticeable.

  • This is very, very sad.

    I have prayed that she passed easily, and for all those members of her family — who are gone as well, and heaven itself, to greet her well.

    And to maintain her in happiness.

  • Your article was great xdrfox: One of the most disappointing facts I took from the article is that even the CDC is in line to facilitate the early death of many innocent and wonderful people.

    We’re all on our own now: Those who live near the Gulf of Mexico, and those — who like myself, live far North of the gulf, know our day is coming too.

  • What a total tragedy.. I wonder how many more cases will be coming shortly to light?

  • Dixie

    This is just to sad for words. My prayers are with her family.

  • soozla

    Calm on the bosom of thy God,
    Fair spirit,rest thee now.
    Hemann-Seige of Valencia

    I offer my prayers and deepest sympathy to the family and all those that knew her.

  • Jean

    This is so very tragic. At the time the original article was posted, I admired her strength in coming forward to share her story. My sympathies to her family and friends.

  • xdrfox

    clare strong
    The President’s Cancer Panel, The cancer panel is releasing a landmark 200-page report 41 percent of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives, … Panel report will shine a stronger spotlight on environmental causes of health problems … 300 contaminants have been detected in umbilical cord blood of newborn babies … May 5, 2010 …




  • A Texas Gale

    My thoughts and prayers to the family.

  • WIsh to be Anonymous

    How awful. Poor woman.
    She should NOT have been taking Benadryl. It’s an anti-histamine. She needed her cells to be able to release histamine to call her white blood cells in to fight.

  • motherpeace25

    Yes. Gulf crude + corexit is some particularly nasty stuff. the list of compounds in the oil alone is mind boggling.

    i myself am feeling the need to sedate myself a little from this mess.

  • ArgotMay

    I have been following Lisa and the other great voices of the gulf. I am VERY proud of her for allowing us to witness her suffering so that perhaps someone else may not have to suffer her fate. Many people feel they can do nothing to help, but I know just passing the stories around a lot and responding with heart and soul is enough for some of us. I want the family of Lisa and others to see Jesse Ventura’s videos on the gulf to see it looks like a plan to evacuate the gulf of it’s citizens. Thanks again to Lisa. Her voice was strong and true, and was not wasted on a lot of us. A rare woman.

  • Andrew

    What the hell!! This woman was totally assaulted by toxins and poisoned to death from Correxit and oil from the Gulf. The Gulf is a dead zone and all who live there will become as such. Poor souls who live or lived there got the ultimate rip off. No fish, no trade, livelihood ripped away. What a mess!! This woman’s family needs to sue and others like her must sue for restoration of the Gulf. My heart goes to the residents of the Gulf and those who ply their trade if the have one to ply. I once dreamed of living in the keys or deep south by the Gulf, but BP and Correxit ruined that one for me.. Sorry folks. I dare not to even eat fish from there…..

  • turtledove

    Does anyone know Lisa’s date of birth?
    Reason I ask as an astrologer would like to see what GOM toxicity looks like in a person’s chart.
    Her life was another sacrifice of another innocent of the land, sea and air.
    Seems to be the loving ones harmed and not the evil perpetrators. How is this possible.
    May Lisa be safe, warm and cuddled forevermore.

  • monkey99

    to Lisa and all of the beings in the Gulf. May the hearts and the waters be healed as we all begin and continue to gather

    please all, let this situation begin to make us all aware of how very powerful we are

  • turtledove:

    You can get that information from the *living* — you know, the people who are living along the Gulf of Mexico right now. So I don’t understand why you would need to go behind the barn to get that sort of information about the deceased.

    There are millions of *research* possibilities ready to help you out; I’m sure that if you offer a free astrological reading you’ll have many offers.

  • turtledove

    Excuse me, why do that B&B.
    Behind the Barn would not appear as a request on a public blog.
    This is one way an issue is understood which is not relevant to what you propose. Ridiculous.
    FYI, I too have been chemically poisoned. Capice?

  • don

    why would she complain? obama told me that the oil magically disappeard. obama would ‘never’ lie to me. obama would ‘never’ take a bribe from bp! i guess she died from the same ‘magic’ that made all the oil and poisons disappear. sociopaths are not just ruling the world, they rule big corporations as well. we need to free ourselves from their murderous ‘leadership.’

  • Candice

    This is so sad and so terribly awful. My heart broke watching that video.

  • Helen

    Is there any corroboration to verify the claim in the Jerry Cope video that Lisa had cancer all along? Journalist Jerry Cope, according to his website and Google searches, has major connections with Democratic bigwigs in the media. I have been around long enough to know that there are people who are more than willing to use the real pain of others in order to advance themselves, and please whoever is paying the bills.

  • Diane

    I am so sorry to hear this. I knew when I saw her video that she would not make it. My heart grieves for the people of the gulf coast and for the loss of lives that have happened and will continue to happen. I am soul sick for the loss of the people as well as the creatures of the waters and the earth. The mass animal, bird, and fish die offs are not the global warming hoax. I blame the BP oil spill/toxic corexit, genetically altered monster bacteria, and mans greed. No one is immune and people need to realize that the gulf is not the only place this will happen and already is happening. I keep all of you in my hearts and in my prayers and again I am so sorry to know that this beautiful woman has passed away. God bless her, and those as brave as she was.

  • C.Dodds

    My prayers are with the dear ones of Lisa who so courageously tried to sound a warning when she was so sick.
    Credible evidence seems to be accumulating about the clear needs of those on the Gulf (as if there was not enough months age.) Is it too much to expect help to arrive soon or is there a conspiracy afoot? Jesse Ventura expands on conspiracies at links available from the following link:

    Most of you would know what Alex Jones says about conspiracies on Infowars:

  • turtledove:

    You likely are not, but there are criminals who would find it easy to get Lisa Nelson’s ‘other’ data with information that is on this site: Her name, address, illness, hospital, death, and some work history. To want her birthdate too, is excessive interest IMHO.

    It would be simple to get her social security number if a person intends to gain from her death in a ‘behind the barn’ move. Many illegal aliens carry stolen identification for example, and someones sells them that identity.

    Study the living; they have your answers. Or go to the obituaries section in the local newspapers. You’ll just have to put more work in your quest.

    Asking for the deceased birth date is “unusual” and it portends deceit. People sell the information of the newly deceased in order to provide false identity for other criminals.

    IMHO, your interest in her birthdate should sound-an-alarm. Astrology? A weak reason — although it could be true.

    However, I don’t believe in astrology.

  • turtledove,

    I’m a hillbilly and a mountain woman. “Behind the Barn” means that something may be going on behind the barn that the culprits don’t want anyone else to know about.

    For example, teenage boys guzzling liquor or smoking cigarettes *behind the barn*, in the belief their parents won’t find out; hiding motives and activity.

  • Mohan

    My condolences. Truly tragic. Many of us know what killed her. There are no words that can really describe how tragic this is. Yes, BP go to hell. Corexit! Poisons. May she be taken care of by the great spirit in the sky!

  • It was hart to see the video, i´m sorry for the family.

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