The List: Is Gulf seafood safe? (MUST READ)

The following reports are presented in response to the State of Louisiana’s latest press release claiming “Louisiana Seafood Still Safe to Eat; Average Consumer Could Eat 63 lbs of Louisiana Shrimp, Each Day for 5 Years”:

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Non-Government/BP Testing

Government/BP Testing



6 comments to The List: Is Gulf seafood safe? (MUST READ)

  • oil

    Nice list. Keep doing what your doing.

  • A Texas Gale

    I guess the people pushing the seafood safety do not understand the business concept of repeat customers. Better to try and clean up this mess up instead of spending dollars advertising how wonderful the seafood is and then consumers needing medication to treat their symptoms and then not being able to afford to eat seafood when it is clean. Heaven help us.

  • david wallis sr

    IS GULF SEAFOOD SAFE? HELL NO!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been a commercial fisherman over 20 years,3rd gen.,i have seen things since this oil spill that i’ve never seen in my life,(been on the water since i was 3) i have seen first hand the changes that are continuing to happen,i’ve seen fish fresh caught,cut open,thrown back,there goes the rainbow!!!!if you know the water you know what i’m talking about,i’ve seen crabs crawl out the water in the heat on the day and just sit there in the sun and cook,crabs with lesions in there lungs(dead mans fingers,known to fishermen)no one i know has seen that before!!!!!,shrimp tested were peeled&deveined,come on,yall know yall gonna take the flava out the shrimp that way!!!!!we eat our shrimp out the water in the pot!!!! i am sadly to say I AM NO LONGER A COMMERCIAL FISHER MAN,CAUSE I “WILL NOT”SELL PRODUCT THAT I WILL NOT EAT MYSELF,NOR WILL I ALOW MY FAMILY TO EAT SEAFOOD FROM THE GULF EVER AGAIN!!!!

  • 1/7 Syndrome of Control-You Tube and
    Lindsey knows about oil.

    He tells you all about it,and who really controls oil world wide.

    Also 2012 Nibiru World War 3 Obama Martial law

    Norman Dodd-The Hidden World Agenda-
    You Tube.50 min.

    Do the sheep believe WikiLeaks is not true.Egypt a fascist government has been supported by USA.We see how USA did twist as they want to be on winning side.Middle East what democracy.USA status quo wants profit
    not democracy.USA supported fascism
    of leaders of Egypt as they do Israel.
    As the do most in Middle East.

    How much is Egyptian Army paid by USA
    and Israel,or should I say the government to maintain profit,oil,etc.

    BP and U.S. Government involved in crazy clean up of Gulf Coast should make things clear as the Insurance
    companies do. Who is in charge of America.The corporate run America.

    Corporate polluting the American environment is common as they are.
    Blotted and common and destroying the
    world with consent of international
    investment shareholders including U.S.
    citizens.Top bank got insurance money from Gulf Coast blow up.Gold Sacks
    who probably owns the FED.Search as I may be wrong.I must be wrong.Please prove I am wrong,and stupid white trash.

    Obama as Bush doesn’t enforce U.S. Constitution.Is that TREASON???Arizona
    ask the Governor.

    Gulf Oil Spill-Gulf of Mexico Intended
    To Be An Algae Farm?Pt 1 of 2-You Tube

    This video is interesting as it names corporates involved with Gulf Coast
    disaster.When you deal with the corporate NWO anything is possible as
    they have proved by their conduct in
    Gulf Coast deception.This includes the
    U.S. Government which is its partner

    To understand the Corporate NWO
    Jesse Ventura:MSNBC Tried To Shut Me Up(Interview w/TYT-You Tube

    Jesse Ventura Secret Underground 2012
    Base At Denver Airport-You Tube.

    South Fla. Top 20 Under Reported

    3000 Foot Long Mysterious Black blog Killer Is Toxic Goo.

    Please read my comments to these topics and circulate references.

    It has been implied I am TRASH.

    (Joan Veon-Understanding the Power
    Strategy and Playes of World) Government-Google Videos Search Google

    The Committee of 300 Conspiracy Hierarchy 1/10-You Tube-Dr.John Coleman was MI6.Why would he lie.

    Queen Of England Exposed 1/4 You Tude
    Jordon Maxwell-Is everyone lying.

    Christopher Story-E.U. Corruption-You Tube.

    Why are all these people trash with these references.They produced videos.
    Is truth Trash???

    What is the definition of TRASH-is it TREASON.Should the U.S. Constitution be put in a TRASH shoot for profit
    and NWO.

    Walter E. Haas Search

    Oath Keepers.Org God Bless America

  • With the FDA SNIFF TEST …NOBODY WILL EVER KNOW IF THE SEAFOOD IS SAFE OR NOT. Perhaps, The GOM needs to Investigate or Your children will Suffer for your ignorance and complacency.

    the Doctors will never identify the Spike in Birth defects coming.

  • uncomfortablynumb

    Thank you Walter E. Haas and Oath Keepers and all the other contributors on this site.

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