Desperation: “Local economy will completely collapse” without help soon — “Going to be true devastation” (VIDEO)

Beach businesses desperate for cash, WALA, November 1, 2010:

Shuckers Oyster Bar at the Wharf is not closed, but it looks like it. At noon on Monday, what should be the middle of the lunch rush, there were only two tables in the restaurant. …

[Manager Teri Days] told us the restaurant has only received one check for just $1,000. She knows many other businesses are in the same fix and she said without help soon the local economy will completely collapse.

“This is going to be true devastation for a large part of our community if something is not done,” she said.

Full video:

4 comments to Desperation: “Local economy will completely collapse” without help soon — “Going to be true devastation” (VIDEO)


    Americans feel an ‘entitlement’ that the rest of the world does not have. It’s time to get your head out of your ass and survive. The GOM is done. There is no “coming back”. There is also another side to this story. Some of these business/home owners are very wealthy. They built houses on the back bays and private bridges with guards, securing parts of the ocean for themselves. The local kids are ‘run off’ for fishing in “their water.” They called the police on Mexican cleaning crews saying they were illegal workers. And how many people of color do you see in ads for Florida panhandle beaches? or Gulf Shores, Al? The mighty whites run everything here and got exactly what they deserve.

  • albert trimble

    All of the conservatives who voted for the ‘small government’ ideology should come down to LA and the coast and spend their money so that the ‘magic of the market’ that they always crow about can fix everything.

  • Darth Maul

    In light of the human failure to live freely and peacfully in paradise without the need to one-up someone or take advantage.Hell is going to be given a shot at redemption by assisting you in getting rid of the bad things you are too weak to remove yourselves.Yes the S#@$ is going to hit the fan and very hard.In the end you will be alien-viscious protectors with love like killer bees and you will never be victims again of anything or anyone.Your going to think on your feet and love it with 4d eyes on the future.

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