“Could we all be at risk?” asks local Florida news station — Medical doctor has patients testing in 95th percentile for oil spill-associated chemicals (VIDEOS)

What Are The Long Term Health Effects of the BP Oil Spill?, WJHG, November 9, 2010:

Transcript Excerpts

Dr. Soto also says he’s seeing more patients who are testing positive for toxic agents associated with the oil spill in excess of the 95th percentile.

If they’re spreading beyond the shoreline, could we all be at risk?…

[W]hen you get a huge load of toxins and chemicals, then the system gets overhwelmed and can’t take care of it. It stays in the tissues effecting their functions; Brain functions, immune system, hormonal function etc…

“We’re not talking about short term effects of irritation in the airways, headaches, or rashes people have been experiencing from symptoms that we get calls here in the office for.

“I’m more concerned about the long term health effects. Nobody talks about it, nobody’s even thinking of that 5,10,15, 20 years from now that we’re going to see–cancer” says Dr. Soto.

Part I: http://www.wjhg.com/video/?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=5273952&flvUri=&partnerclipid=

Part II:

13 comments to “Could we all be at risk?” asks local Florida news station — Medical doctor has patients testing in 95th percentile for oil spill-associated chemicals (VIDEOS)

  • It seems to me that Dr. Soto should be more concerned with the respiratory irritation rather than cancer at this time. Cancer that develops over several years (3 years stated in previous article)
    is not the major threat: Being unable to breathe sufficient oxygen should be the first concern.

    An oxygen saturation of blood at less than 95% is of concern if consistent; less than 89% very worrisome; less than 82% can be very dangerous; under 70% — it’s likely to continue to decline until it becomes fatal. Thousands of you should be on oxygen and receiving sufficient O2 to bring — and to keep — your saturated levels of O2 up to 97-100%. If you’re short of breath, cancer is the least of your concerns immediately: Impending suffocation could be the greatest earlier threat; if the lungs are continously assaulted by the oil in the air and Earth.

    Cancer can be dealt with later: Many posters *here* have provided hearty information on alternative medicine that can be used to nip-cancer-in-the-bud.

    Suffocation as a result of a damaged respiratory system is the ultimate concern: Damaged lungs cause heart disease and heart disease results in irreversible lung disease.

  • C.Dodds

    Prevention of cancer and other long term threats is an important consideration and is part of a thorough medical analysis which should include both long and short term health.

  • Yes, we are all at risk! All because of GOV Inc.

    The Gulf of Mexico was sprayed with a toxic substance than plainly says, “Do not contaminate surface water”. It is spreading with contaminated seafood- from the Gulf and beyond! It is obvious US government has protected BP but maybe there is more going on. ‘We the People’ are not our government’s number one priority.

    There are many things when considered individually seem explicable or even rational, but when these things are considered collectively, they are entirely suspicious!

    Please read and share the facts:

  • C.Dodds

    Yes, entirely suspicious. Thoughts of theft arise when too much money is missing from the family purse. Who are the likely culprits? Kids. The purse in this case is goverment support. BP is like a child hiding truths from parents then trying to cover up. But why are their brothers defending?

  • Marilyn Bachmann

    I work with an environmental illness doctor, an MD. by the name of Dr. Lyn Hanshew and I would highly advise people to try her approach. Basically it involves buying an nebulizer from:

    http://wwwsemedicalsupplycom/ (about $40). Then get some ACS (advanced cellular silver, 200 ppm), some ACZ (advanced cellular nano zeolite) from http://resultsrnacom/ and some reduced glutathione from http://theranaturalscom/

    Zeolite is an amazing natural mineral that will absorb pesticides, herbicides, VOCs, heavy metals, even depleted uranium! It is just ridiculous to tell people that they are eventually going to develop cancer because they have no way of getting things like benzene out of the system. It is not true, it can be done, and people can regain health.

    Nebulize 1/2 a teaspoon of the silver, 1/2 teaspoon of the zeolite, and one capsule of GSH plus, 200 mg. You break the capsule glutathione into the liquid which dissolves quickly, and then you nebulize this mixture. The zeolite can absorb any of the VOCs like benzene etc., the silver will kill any kind of pathogen and is especially effective in the lungs, and the glutathione is the best therapy for the liver that has to deal with the poisoning.

    You must get the GSH plus because it has a buffer and will not make you cough and sputter when you nebulize it. When you nebulize, everything gets immediately into the bloodstream and it is most effective way to get these healing agents into the body. The silver has been approved by the FDA as a hospital disinfectant because it is more effective than anything out there. It is very safe and will not cause you to go gray!

    I have been doing this to counteract a toxicity exposure, and there are no side effects thus far for me, but if someone should react adversely, the recommendation is to increase the ratio of zeolite to silver ie. a 1/4 of silver to 1/2 teaspoon of zeolite. The glutathione should remain the same. My heart goes out all of the people of the Gulf that are trying to deal with a massive environmental catastrophe. But it is nonsense to say that there is no help for poisoned people! It is just that most dingbat doctors don’t know how to treat toxicity. Dr. Lyn Hanshew has been doing this for many years and is the most brilliant Dr. I have ever met. She saved my life and I still work with her. I have been nebulizing this mixture for about a month, and already my liver is starting to work again as evidenced by the fact that I can now reduce my liothyronine (T3 thyroid medication). I can finally start to convert T4 again.

  • C.Dodds,

    Yes. We must have both short and long term survival goals: The first goal is to not die immediately. Do not allow yourself to suffocate: Cancer takes a few years — while suffocation requires only a few minutes. If you’re experiencing breathing issues, you need to leave the area immediately to avoid further damage to your lungs.

    Take care of the greater risk first: that is death via suffocation — that is, when a person becomes so short of breath you know that their lungs are too damaged to provide the O2 required to continue to breathe efficiently: If walking just a few feet or shifting in your chair leaves you gasping for air — even if you’re on O2, you know that your first danger is that of suffocation.

    Even a fast growing cancer takes several years to develop: Respiratory distress can become lethal in just a few moments, or just a few weeks following the initial assault weapon [corexit/oil].

    At first, the goal is to survive — immediately.

  • craig

    are there any nre reports of ONGOING sprying operatons?? I feel so bad for all directly impacted by these fascists.

  • Nam Marine

    The friggin heads of BP should be hung on a street light! Then their whole Company should be sold and the profits given to the people on the West Coast of Florida! Every penny!

  • craig: You can find any information concerning the oil catastrophe that you want at the top of this page. It’s in the box: The box lists an index of types of articles, for example, “Macondo Well”, “Must Read”, “ROV Footage”….

    The last I heard, Corexit is still being sprayed.

  • It’s true. The Macondo Well is still very active, which means that, indeed — we are all at risk: The BP oil volcano continues, but not at an adolescent level of energy, but like a middle-aged person who has been given the key to eternal life. Of course, we’re all at risk.

    It’s not going to stop. Not ever.

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