Nungesser: “I’ve given up… You know, I can sit there and you can lie to me only so much”

Six months later, Plaquemines Parish still dealing with oil from the spill, WWL-TV New Orleans, October 20, 2010:

Just in Bay Jimmy alone, thousands upon thousands of gallons of oil-water mix continue to be collected on a weekly basis.

In the past week, from Oct. 12-19, crews brought in 18,272 gallons of it, along with 7,679 bags of tar balls.

“I’ve given up,” Nungesser said. “You know, I can sit there and you can lie to me only so much.”

6 comments to Nungesser: “I’ve given up… You know, I can sit there and you can lie to me only so much”

  • Jean

    No, don’t give up, Mr. Nungesser! You’re one of the few men with the ba!!s to stand up to BP and the Feds. We need you to keep fighting for what is right!

  • D. Thomas

    I agree with Jean!
    Mr. Nungesser, PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP!
    We support you and your efforts. You have proven your integrity with compassion for doing the right thing- honesty from a politician is refreshing! Please continue to fight for what’s right.

  • ghana

    Don’t you dare give up Nuss! We are waiting for you to make the call. I have 10,000 people ready Nuss! You want us armed we have them, you want us unarmed than just say it, but don’t gve up we are here waiting for you to sound the charge. for any others who want to pledge their support and will guarantee they will show up when called!
    Nuss we are here brother, before we can clean up the GOM we have to clean out the scum!

  • rainbow

    His Parish has been getting pillaged!! I don’t blame him for throwing it down. He is for real!! I LOVE Nungesser!!! He always does the best he can for his constituency, his land, his water, and even our nationally listed animals–all the time, every time–and against all idiotic obstacles. He rocks!!

  • rainbow

    I think Nungesser should run for President! I’m all over it!

  • Gary

    Give up then and hand be the missle launcher button.
    I will send these piece of shit Brits back to 1814 and end this Gulf War II.
    People of the south are being genocided.
    The property is worth more in oil revenues tahn tourism.
    BP will get your property next too nothing.
    The kill 2 birds with one stone.
    The steal your property and at the same time kill you and take your savings.
    This is perfect bio terror or perfect war strategy.
    Please purchase a stinger, rocket propelled granade today.
    Get your guns Annie
    This is war and they have a 6month jump
    BP employees are the enemy and are traitors to the US
    I hate fucken traitors like A Thad Alvint the chipmunk. He’s retired now from BP.
    Al Bushomma & Satan 2012

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