“It looks like there’s a significant amount of gas” NORTHEAST of the well — Methane is “smeared” through the ecosystem

Methane From Oil Spill Migrating Undigested?, Science, February 19, 2011:

Some researchers have concluded in recent papers that almost all of the methane was eaten by an enormous bloom of bacteria. However, microbiologist Samantha Joye of the University of Georgia, Athens, argues that something else happened. …

Joye’s hypothesis is that the microbes ran out of another nutrient, which would have prevented them from metabolizing any more methane. Another factor may explain the decline of methane southwest of the well, Joye said. In late summer her team detected methane to the northeast. “It looks like there’s a significant amount of gas in the ecosystem, but it’s smeared though the ecosystem,” she told the audience.

The fate of the oil and gas released last year is a complicated story, and this finding is unlikely to be the last word. Another expert in the interaction of microbes and hydrocarbons called Joye’s “surprising” and declined to comment until a peer-reviewed paper is published.

Read the report here.

5 comments to “It looks like there’s a significant amount of gas” NORTHEAST of the well — Methane is “smeared” through the ecosystem

  • I think everybody is confused as to what really happened here. So, for example, how much oil is throughout the water column or sitting on the bottom. I have talked to some divers and it is not pretty.

  • monkey99

    By all the reporting done on FOSL by reputable sources, there should be no confusion here. bp.gov doesn’t care simply because of cost and revolving door corruption. The People, for the most part, are playing “it’s not in my back yard” while the mainstream media incesantly reports on Lindsey Lohan and reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond. Even when the people say they want more information.

    End of story while the Gulf and its people continue to suffer and die.

    (p.s. just take bp’s worst case scenario of the blowout before it happened-



    add 4 million+ gallons of corexit and you’ve got an answer that boggles the smartest of minds

    a true number may never be divulged, but that doesn’t mean because we aren’t being given difinitive answers we should simply ponder while we lose valuable time to help save human and otherwise lives)

  • soozla


    There is a problem going on.. on the seafloor.
    This is not a seep –scientists that do not understand the situation are missing the mark.

  • Jack

    It is just disgusting, talk of “peer reviewed” official pronouncements. Academics are pretty much suck-ass corporate shills. Like your “peers” were all Satanic, Code-of-silence Cop-Mafia Liars. I remember one Professor using
    grants and student-work programs to travel to SAIC meetings
    so as to be part of the military-industrial Gravy Train. Slurp.

  • xdrfox

    Wonder how much money BP spent on getting dirt on our elite leaders over the years ?

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