Loop Current stretching all the way to Louisiana coast; Directly over BP oil well blowout (VIDEO)

120 Hour Surface Current Forecast, Louisiana State University Coastal Studies Institute (Click ‘start’ button below map for animation):

GoM Surface Currents (LSU)

13 comments to Loop Current stretching all the way to Louisiana coast; Directly over BP oil well blowout (VIDEO)

  • ducq

    As much of the underwater lake gets swept out into the Atlantic, two things will occur. (1) The Corexit will hit the entire East Coast, and (2) The disaster, though intensified, will be slower in manifestation, giving those who perpetuated more time to implement their purposes.

  • Ric Hirst

    There are no hidden purposes; all of them are very clear. BP’s purpose is to make a huge profit at any cost to humanity and the earth. That is true of any capitalist enterprise.The US government’s purpose, and the purpose of any current government worldwide, is to facilitate the profitability of banks and corporate enterprises. If that means killing us…well, that’s just business. The on-going, decades old Niger Delta disaster is a case in point. In fact, one could point to all the oil wars of the 20/21 st century.

  • Lynn D.

    These murdering corporate psychopaths are fully aware of their actions and know the difference between right and wrong, yet they are terrifyingly self-centered, remorseless, and unable to care about the feelings of others. Like the government beaurocrats that have held up and greatly hindered the Gulf disaster from being cleaned up and resolved, they do not focus on the big picture, only their own little tunnel vision of personal selfishness. They know their poisons are going to hurt Americans, our children and our fragile ecosystems but they just go ahead and enjoy their lives at our expense. God must see a reason for their existence. Could it be that they are here to teach us about the true nature of evil or worse, are they His tools?

  • Lynn D.

    Someone is editing my words. I said “Could it be that God allows them (BP and evil government/corporate fascists)to exist because they are here to teach us about the true nature of evil or worse, are they His tools to EXECUTE JUDGEMENT ON A MOSTLY GODLESS NATION? (Stop editing my comments).

  • We were told thousands of years ago this time would come.
    Believe the rest of the story.



  • Gonzo

    …Even if the oil gushing well is plugged soon, the oil that has already been spilled is radioactive and as it is assimilated into the biosphere is going to cause great mortality from cancer and other forms of radiation sickness. Length of life expectancy is going to be greately diminished for most species on earth soon as a result of all that radioactive oil. And they continue to cover up the fact that the oil is radioactive…

  • PJ Cotnoir

    This ecological disaster is truly a sign from the Universe that life here on earth is about to evolve once again, and unfortunately, mostly through pain and suffering rather than personal growth and spiritualism.

    (Although the latter is the ideal hope for us all!!!)

    personal growth and spiritualism.

    It’s time.

  • Rev. Reggie Jackson

    All the new world order antichrist beast system wants is the total breakdown and financial ruination of America. Why? So they can enslave us all and bring us under their One World Luciferic Government. Where their Bilderberger and Illuminati friends and cohorts can help them enslave the whole Earth!!

    But they blew up the oil well so that they could pass their Cap and Trade Bill and their Carbon Tax Bill !!

  • Name Required

    Tar Balls started washing up on the North Carolina Outer Banks months ago. The current sucks the oil right out, the “dispersant” keeps it below the surface and it attaches to seaweed and other stuff. Google “tar balls” & “Oak Island”. Note that before “officials” had time to even look at the “Tar Balls” they conveniently declared they weren’t from the BP Disaster.
    BTW, I sent the info to ALex Jones (who has many times stated his “family” is in the Oil Industry and he summarily ignores it.

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