Louisiana Official: Up to 4 million gallons of dispersants have been used in Gulf as of Feb. 1


Dear Honorable Congressmen:

As of February 1st, 2011, it is estimated that between 800,000 and 4 million gallons of toxic chemical dispersants have been sprayed or poured into the Gulf of Mexico in an on-going operation.  The broad-scale distribution of these poisonous substances has been justified by statements such as “trade-offs have to be made”.

The “tradeoffs” have been made and, because toxic dispersants were used, we now have millions of gallons of oil laced with toxic dispersants still suspended throughout the water column and on the sea floor, shifting constantly with the currents.  This is causing severe, long-term harm to the public’s health, marine life, the environment, the economy and the Gulf’s way of life.

The EPA authorized the use of toxic chemical dispersants to sink the oil from the Deepwater Horizon oil accident violating the Clean Water Act, and the EPA (specifically Lisa Jackson, Dana Tulis, and Sam Coleman) with the help of NOAA, (specifically Jane Lubchenco, Ed Levine, and Charlie Henry) have blocked the efforts of the Coast Guard and the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida and Alabama to protect their natural resources and the health, safety and welfare of their citizens as guaranteed by the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

On January 16, 2011, I wrote a letter to President Obama (copy attached) requesting answers to a number of specific questions and serious concerns brought to my attention by my constituents.  It’s been over three weeks since that letter arrived at the White House and, at this point, it appears that I will not get a response from the President or his administration.

Consequently, my constituents and I have decided to start a petition (viewable at www.agcrowe.com) which will be directed to you and launched within the next few days.  Our goal is simple.  We need your help to stop this destructive activity immediately and begin implementing proven, safe, non-toxic solutions which are already available and ready to be deployed.

12 comments to Louisiana Official: Up to 4 million gallons of dispersants have been used in Gulf as of Feb. 1

  • Daniel Hughes

    I recall reading that there had been 42 million gallons of Corexit sprayed, and that was sometime between late July and September. Perhaps my memory is at fault here (or the article I read was incorrect), but it wouldn’t surprise me if this “official” number is nowhere near the actual amount. Sort of like the “official” amounts of oil, etc.

  • soozla

    This estimate is too low… by a long shot…

  • soozla


    Just look at one dumping—–above Toledo Bend Reservoir… one of hundreds done everyday…either by dumping in the rivers, dumped by boat, by plane, and under the water.
    This estimate is now where near correct.
    Nice view of the oil/corexit mix underwater—

  • AZ Patriot

    only way it will stop is put a few of the bp/guvment boys neck deep in the water….other than that .move or buy a respirator …..government controlled media and even alternative media will not report the fact that ya’all have been poisoned …and the total inaction by the GOM residents lead one to question…is it really that bad?


    Stop videoing and start reporting it to the authorities!!! Be a pain in the ass! Even if they’re bribed or something, it at least will embarrass them into doing something. You can’t dump toxic crap into water bodies without a permit. Report it to ALL the states involved that run up the Mississippi River!!! THE CLEAN WATER ACT FED LAW APPLIES EVERYWHERE–USE IT FOR A CHANGE!!!

  • xdrfox

    Not to forget “The Clean Air Act” too !

  • Jean

    The spraying of Corexit should have been stopped by whatever means necessary, including military force. But instead, our military was complicit in it. If Al Qaeda was invading our waters and spraying poison, would we allow it?

  • monkey99

    No one is calling the white house to tell them to demand BP stop spraying. Please feel free to do so yourself

    white house: 202-456-1111

  • turtledove

    We can easily see this is an assault from all sides on the people of this country.
    Monsanto’s unregulated roundup (agent orange formula)ready alfalfa nod on 1-27, O sez 20million new jobs in the natural gas industry (no rules for a complex of poisons to damage potable water sources for entire cities).

    Get used to the fact Obama doesn’t answer his mail anymore especially those pointing out gov’t crimes. This is reported by quite a few in other areas of complaint about corp gov is flat non-response.
    Me Not HOme. When are we all going to ‘get it’ they have no interest in their job description.

    Either we look to ourselves and one another or death is certain.

  • Slick Vick

    Does anyone have video evidence that they’re still spraying as of right now??? Anyone? Is there still a “no fly zone” in effect over the leak site?? Can anyone get out there in a boat to verify the leak has actually been stopped?? Thid is what we NEED TO KNOW! ASAP!

  • soozla

    Since there is a no-fly zone over the GOM–it is safe to assume that the air traffic observed is military.Tests flights were cancelled mid- summer at the advice of Dr.Ott–I believe.
    Chem-trail patterns can and are observed almost daily by satellite…except for the days of cloud cover.. natural or chemically induced
    Dumping in the rivers.. flowing into the gulf is clearly observed.
    What is there to question?

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