LSU Cancer Specialist: DNA mutations & cancer risk “become MORE of an issue” as oil breaks down and weathers (VIDEO)

LSU Toxicologist Talks About Health Risks In the Gulf, Project Gulf Impact, August 14, 2010:

Rush Transcript Summary

Dr. Vincent Wilson is a Professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences at Louisiana State University specializing in Environmental Biomonitoring and Carcinogenesis.

Dr. Wilson discusses the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) contained in crude oil.

Humans/animals metabolize PAHs. This turns the PAHs into carcinogenic material that binds to DNA. The PAH reaction with DNA makes it mutagenic and carcinogenic.

Long-term exposure to low levels of PAHs is the cancer problem.

Lungs (inhalation) and liver/multi-organ (ingestion) are top cancer risks from PAHs.

PAH compounds become MORE of an issue as oil weathers and breaks down… concentration increases.

PAHs are lipid soluble.

Benzene concentrations are likely very significant.

Could be months or years before cancer shows up.

For anyone out there, the risk of cancer has gone up.

With Benzene, you wouldn’t even know if taking in toxic doses.

Still concerned oil is beneath the surface, closer to the bottom.

Credits: Filmed by Gavin Garrison, Interviewer Heather Rally.

4 comments to LSU Cancer Specialist: DNA mutations & cancer risk “become MORE of an issue” as oil breaks down and weathers (VIDEO)

  • justmeint

    No one is so powerful that they can stop the march of time…
    And so it is happening – that which was predicated, foretold by those with commonsense – those who were living through the horror known as the Deep Water Horizon Disaster. The oil was spewing forth and the government and BP were trying to hide the amount by dispersing it with COREXIT.

    You cannot pour on, spray onto or disperse the oil without creating an even bigger ecological disaster.

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