LSU professor: Crude oil in seafood NOT detectable by ‘smell test’ — “We are being lied to”

Is There Crude in my Seafood? Smell it. Yeah, Right!, Linda Hooper-Bui‘s Blog, October 28, 2010:

… I am here to tell you that I wouldn’t trust the smell test enough to eat the seafood right now.

I won’t eat seafood right now. At least, I won’t eat any species that potentially might live in the Gulf. I get a lot of grief from my colleagues and friends about this decision until I say these words, “I am not about to gamble my short- and long-term health on the livelihood of my fellow man.” That usually shuts them up.

I spoke to a shrimper friend the other day. He won’t shrimp because there are so few shrimp out there and doesn’t want to take the risk of damaging the industry with tainted seafood. …

[W]e are being lied to. We are lied to by BP. We are lied to by NOAA. We are lied to by the FDA and the EPA. We are promised that our seafood is safe. Yet no one is testing for the presence of Corexit. We are being promised that crude oil is detectable in seafood by smell. I’m telling you from my experience in the marsh last Friday, that it is not.

See also: 193 ppm of oil found inside shrimp purchased on Oct. 22 (Lab Results)

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