LSU Scientist: “Significant amounts” of oil “still poised to come into Louisiana’s sensitive coastal marshes” — “Just a matter of time”

An oil wave still possible, The Advocate (Baton Rouge), September 13, 2010:

LSU coastal scientist Gregory Stone notes that significant amounts of oil that leaked into the Gulf of Mexico after the Deepwater Horizon disaster is still poised to come into Louisiana’s sensitive coastal marshes. …

Stone, of the LSU School of the Coast and Environment, said that subsurface oil remains visible in the water. “It’s most definitely there,” he said. “It’s just a matter of time before it makes itself known again.”

Read the article here.

2 comments to LSU Scientist: “Significant amounts” of oil “still poised to come into Louisiana’s sensitive coastal marshes” — “Just a matter of time”

  • premurderedGOM

    The future is bleak for the lost GOM. We are now destroying our Planet Mother at such a rapid rate, there is no hope of recovery. Humans will begin to live in suffering and despair. Just look at what is happening around the world. The Earth’s weather patterns are rapidly changing, killing millions. Yet we continue to act like it’s just a coincidence or blame it on some El Nino winds or whatever. If you are reading this, take some time from your hurry going nowhere life and look up recent [2010] events regarding weather and earthquakes. You might be surprised to find we are all in deep trouble. Are you aware that there is no more NON-CONTAMINATED DRINKING WATER in the U.S.? Do you know what gas migration is? The cause of methane now killing our water supply? Do you care about anything this site talks about? Most of the time there are no responses here. That is a good indication that most are not interested. So go back to your cell phones and gadgets as your world decays around you. They won’t work much longer anyway. If you don’t know why that’s YOUR problem…….

  • premurderedGOM,

    The Earth’s weather patterns are the result of man, although not from our dietary consumption and not from our earth based ‘living activity’.

    We have learned to manipulate the earth’s weather potential, and we use those skills to manipulate the weather; to wreak havoc on other nations, as well as against American citizens and their property. Yes, the Earth’s weather patterns have changed and man has accomplished it on purpose. We are very good at it. Many nations are good at it.

    HAARP is a magnificent tool that was developed to create ionic waves in our atmosphere/ionosphere to detect incoming missiles. However, the resulting blanket of atomic frenzy is just as good at creating unusual weather as it is at missile detection. There are many other purposeful ways to change weather patterns….

    In my humble opinion (IMHO), BP is guilty of purposely damaging our environment. It has used oil to clear the land of people so that the land can be made available for more oil rigs; The people and their health be ‘damned’. IMHO BP is a killer of man and animals in unheard of numbers; in just a few years we will realize how devastating to life their actions have been, and will still be, for decades.

    I wish for the BP executives multiple times the grief and pain they have wrought upon the human species and all the precious animals.

    We all care. Even those of us who are silent. By the way, I don’t own a cell phone; they’re too expensive.

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