More Tears: “My lungs are crippled — They found chemicals in my blood stream” (VIDEO)

Group rallies on Capitol steps concerning Gulf oil spill, WAFB CBS 9 Baton Rouge, October 30, 2010:

“Our fishermen can’t fish because they don’t want to poison anybody,” said Beverly Armand of Grand Isle. …

“I was crippled when the oil hit the beaches and now my lungs are crippled. They found chemicals in my blood stream,” Armand added.

Full video here:

7 comments to More Tears: “My lungs are crippled — They found chemicals in my blood stream” (VIDEO)

  • Make it Whole

    If not for the Internet no one but them living there would have a clue as to the truth. Corporate News Media’s have FORSAKEN The Gulf People and Ocean Creatures. It’s an OBOMANATION !

  • xdrfox

    Thay may find more id you have them LQQK ! … PB’s Synthia is going to be the one that we all take note on … Synthetic Virus Nothing new, First synthetic virus created July, 2002 More Links & Inf. (VIDEO) …
    By xdrfox (Bio|Stories) on Monday, November 01, 2010 12:30 …,_First_synthetic_virus_created_July,_2002_More_Links_Inf._VIDEO.html

  • Morocco Bama

    If not for the internet, maybe they would have gotten out from behind their computer screens and done something about this already.

  • BreezinByYou

    This is a prime example of poor reporting. The chemicals that were found in the samples by two separate testing facilities were off the charts. Only today they came out to say that yes there are high levels of toxins in the blood stream of those tested as well as the seafood that was tested. Only when the Wildlife and Fisheries, FDA and EPA are backed into a corner do they report the truth!

  • necia

    the shame of all this..i can only say people have to leave,no mattere how or where they must pack ,drive,fly whatever and i know no one ants to leave their home etc. but it will get to live ,you must leave..i in my most humble way as i have no money to help but put on my sopace for friends there or who ever to come up here and get a new start stay in my living room for awhile get food stamps and it is all l i can do..but to save one two or thee people it is one responded..i got angry with the shallow crap on the social networks..out of sight yesterdays headlines from msm whores who babble for silver and more plastic surgery …serve their new masters like the whole political GAME of elected puppets we do not even elect as votes are fraudulent …be sick,be aware…do not fear not be a revolutionary,as they want separation and violence..just wake up and work at local level and listen/talk move on when people roll their eyes as they will not get it

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