Magazine: “Oil-spill responders already are reporting chronic health problems” — “Having major symptoms”

Deepwater Horizon Clean-up Workers Report Chronic Health Problems, Fire Chief Magazine (est. 1956), October 13, 2010:

Deepwater Horizon oil-spill responders already are reporting chronic health problems that may be associated with toxicant-induced loss of tolerance (TILT) disease, said Claudia Miller, a professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio….

“Stage 1 of TILT is having flu-like symptoms,” she said. “Stage 2 is when lots of different exposures trigger symptoms and perpetuate illness.”

Symptoms can involve every organ system, and oil spill responders reported difficulty breathing, headaches, fatigue, sleep difficulties, confusion, memory and concentration problems, irritability and mood changes. Also reported were new intolerances, including feeling ill after exposure to diesel- or gas- engine exhaust, fragrances, or cleaning products.

“We think these new intolerances people develop — very pronounced — having major symptoms like difficulty concentrating, mood, fatigue and affecting other organ systems — that those changes are the hallmark symptoms … of TILT,” Miller said.

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4 comments to Magazine: “Oil-spill responders already are reporting chronic health problems” — “Having major symptoms”

  • robin perry

    I bet they are salivating at the thought of all the compensation they are seeking.

    In truth, the response organisations should have had industrial hygeinists checking air quality and making sure the response workers were properly kitted out with personal safety equipment including respirators if necessary.

    I ran a major response organisation which attended over 50 spills during my time in charge and not one of the staff suffered from any spill related health issues.

  • Corexit spraying is illegal

    huh?, I doubt anyone made ill is salivating about anything but getting some physical relief…

    We all know the corrupt bureaucracy will not provide timely compensation for anything. And how can you ever compensate anyone for a much higher chance of cancer and an early death???!!! It’s impossible to truly quantify the value of even one pain-free, active year of your life.

  • Canuck

    robin perry:
    not one of the staff suffered from any spill related health issues

    Yup and BP is claiming the same. These issues according to BP, NOAA and doctors have nothing to do with the spill. Doesn’t make it so.

  • Canuck

    Also, robin perry, last numbers I saw on payouts averaged ~$380 per settlement, less than a weeks wages. Salivating? With hunger maybe. You’re welcome to do a little research and correct me on this.

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