Man said to be “severely ill after swallowing oil and chemical dispersant” while trying to rescue drowning child from Gulf (VIDEOS)

Lawsuit: Man who tried to save drowning toddler became ill from oil, Press-Register, October 01, 2010:

A Saraland man who tried to rescue a drowning child in rough Gulf of Mexico waters near Orange Beach became severely ill after swallowing oil and chemical dispersant, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday in Mobile. …

Daniel Hudley, 43, was driving along the beach July 2 with his wife when they decided to get out and look at the ocean. [Parker Miller, a lawyer with Beasley, Allen, Crow, Methvin, Portis & Miles] said that Hudley spotted a young girl being pulled away from the shore and, despite being out of work following back surgery, he charged into the water. …

The girl, Kennedy Halechko, 2, of Helena, died later at Baptist Hospital in Pensacola. Also, a friend of the girl’s family, Kembra Gordon, 47, of Pelham, drowned trying to help the girl, and was pronounced dead at the scene. …

Hudley was treated at the hospital the day of the drowning and continues to suffer from severe intestinal pain, nosebleeds, chronic headaches and other ailments, according to Miller. “He ingested quite a bit of oil and, we believe a great deal of dispersant,” he said.

This drowning was discussed in the report:

See: Potential Health Effects of Oil Spill, KRIV Channel 26 Houston (Fox), June 22, 2010:

Dr. Harish Seethamraju is a pulmonary specialist at Methodist Hospital in Houston.

Seethamraju says potential problems include wheezing and asthma, but that’s not all. “If they take a swim in these waters, the toxic chemicals can cause pneumonia and respiratory failure.” …

“We have never seen such enormous amounts of exposure.”


8 comments to Man said to be “severely ill after swallowing oil and chemical dispersant” while trying to rescue drowning child from Gulf (VIDEOS)

  • premurderedGOM

    Something is going to happen in the U.S. on a grand scale…related to the GOM. I can feel it. There is too much negative energy down here. This “something” will affect the very people who work in our gov’t that allowed the genocide/ecocide of the Gulf. It will affect them on a personal level. Also, stay out of the water, it is dying and will take you with it.

  • premurderedGOM

    Please take a moment out of your day to say a prayer for all the animals that have died or will die in the GOM…..

  • Run, don't walk!!!!

    Yes, I pray deeply for the animals and have been since April-fundraising, too, begging zoos and aquariums to take them in. Horror! The point is WE ARE NEXT!!!

  • Kamomil

    Lots of GOM residents are in denial because they cannot accept that in order to survive they need to evacuate. They need to leave everything behind, their lifestyle, their occupations, everything is over. Many want to stay and fight, but by staying they are absorbing toxins that will kill them on short order. It’s as simple as that.
    BP can play for time because it knows all the malcontents will soon be 6ft under.
    The govt is criminal in not telling ppl to evacuate. Also it doesn’t want to take the responsibility for millions of IDPs and provide them with shelter and means of surviving. The coffers are empty anyway. Ppl are on their own.

  • Daniel Hughes

    Don’t forget what happened to oil industry insider and CFR member Matt Simmons. He kept insisting that GOM residents had to be evacuated for their safety, and he mysteriously died in his bathtub of a supposed heart attack.

    That’s about as likely as Vince Foster committing suicide with TWO shots to the head.

  • wow

    Yes, Daniel, several prominent individuals who were “in the know” have met their demise recently. By the way, I am pretty clueless–just an inconsequential amateur who reads every news blurb I can see, even the latest on the Kardashian sisters, too…That’s probably why I’m still around! 😉

  • wow

    I see, but I do not understand! 🙁

  • Daniel Hughes

    There is no understanding evil. That’s what BP is, and our lying Federal Government as well.

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