Many large fish washing up dead on Louisiana shoreline (VIDEO)

Fresh Oil, Dead Fish Cover Grand Isle, HistoryTours, October 18, 2010:

5 comments to Many large fish washing up dead on Louisiana shoreline (VIDEO)

  • premurderedGOM

    The sadness will turn to rage.

  • Jean

    This is disgusting! If this video was filmed recently, it would seem to indicate that Corexit is still being used. The last “official” use of Corexit was mid July, and it surely would have dissolved by now and not still be coming ashore 3 months later.

  • Dr hat

    Its something here isn’t it.With a paper god and all.If you love anything it can be taken and used against you.Mommy wants to be a jarhead and daddy is stuck being a slave.Your about as naked as the day the devil pointed it out aren’t ya.My advice is FTW.Because you don’t need this kind of stress.

  • lesterfiggler

    I need to go puke. Time to get rid of these “gubsamunts freaks” who are slaves to the big money corporations. Only 14 days to “glorious gridlock”.

  • sean

    EPA nowhere to be found..Does EPA not exist anymore?,oh sorry keep forgeting we’ve been invaded.

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