So many sick people in Gulf, it may force Obama from office (VIDEO)

Riki Ott on the Gulf: “These people have oil in their bodies”, roseaguilar3, October 21, 2010:

(Full video at bottom of post)

Full video here:

8 comments to So many sick people in Gulf, it may force Obama from office (VIDEO)

  • Pat

    Should have evacuated people when Matt Simmons sounded the alarm.

    Hope it’s not too late.

  • Dan

    I have the utmost respect for those on the front lines, documenting this disaster. I pray you have not sacrificed your life for the information. Bless you all, you brave and peaceful warriors.

  • D. Thomas

    The internet is perhaps the biggest difference between this and previous corporate atrocities. We now have the ability to learn, connect and exchange information – knowledge is power! We need to act collectively and start a grass root movement for a new political party that will kick corporations out of control!

    I have no doubt the situation would be far worse if the drill-baby-drill-party was in office. But when it comes to corporations calling the shots, Democrat or Republican makes little difference. Like it or not, this is Corporate America and it has been for decades. This entire situation has been an eye-opener for millions of people… Corporations really are in charge. WE MUST make that change, and we can. It is important to remember, NO President has ever won office without the support of the South.

  • Dan

    The problem is the democratic system, Beau Kitselman made some wonderful suggestions in the book Hello Stupid! which can be read at

    I dont believe there to currently be a form of government that is adequate for the awake and aware man, I think Kitselman`s ideas warrant further investigation.

  • Canuck

    The problem is the media who demonize and slander any potential candidate that isn’t bought and paid for. Remember Elliot Spitzer? Yeah. Too many people think FOX (for ie) is news, it isn’t it’s just propaganda. I know people who still think Obama is going to change the world. Well, they’re right, just not in the ways they believe. I know people who think 19 Saudis with boxcutters stood down NORAD and the USAF and that the two towers (yeah two, they don’t know about building seven) collapsed because of jet fuel, never mind half the hijackers are still alive. Ya know…if the truth about 9/11 was on at 6 o’clock, if GWB were to confess on live tv, more people would be watching American Idol.

    Don’t know what it’s going to take to wake people up…

  • If you think we are starving for fish here in Louisiana, you must be uninformed….the fishing hasn’t been this good in years. No kidding.

    Oh, and since you don’t like Big Oil, why do you use computers? –turn them off and sell them–they’re made from ‘chemicals’, which were made from ‘oil and gas’.

    While you’re at it–sell everything you have–including and especially the clothes on your back; even if it’s made of cotton, it has dyes, no?

  • D. Thomas

    I know the fishing is good in the Gulf… it’s because the pogies are dead. No kidding- thousands upon thousands of pogies washed up in those fish kills. Massive amounts of dead pogies all along the Atlantic too- as far north as Massachusetts.

    All the toxic fish you’re eating has made you loopy if you think my recycled computer and organic clothing is bad. Don’t lobby for big-oil by blaming the consumer… big-oil is pushing dirty energy.

  • Skönt att vara besöka din blogg igen, har det varit månader för mig. Väl här artikeln som jag har väntat så länge. Jag behöver den här artikeln för att slutföra mitt uppdrag i kollegiet, och den har samma tema med din artikel. Tack, bra aktie

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