March 21 NOAA meeting: “Shrimpers said they have pulled up nets full of oil”

Gulf Coast Residents Dismayed as Effects of Oil Spill Continue, Courthouse News, March 30, 2011:

At a scoping meeting last week in Biloxi, Miss., Vietnamese shrimpers said they have pulled up nets full of oil from the seafloor and have had to decide whether to report the oil to the Coast Guard, which would mean dumping their day’s catch, or pretend they don’t see the oil.

John Lliff, a supervisor with NOAA’s Damage Assessment Remediation and Restoration Program, said no one knows how much of the seafloor is covered in oil. …

Shrimpers in Biloxi also said that in places where shrimp have been plentiful, there are no shrimp now. …

4 comments to March 21 NOAA meeting: “Shrimpers said they have pulled up nets full of oil”

  • Wee Zinter

    It’s sad when the greed of some to push the shrimp onto the consumer without any regard to the health implications is ridiculous. I think that some of them have gone crazy and it’s causing severe mental illnesses in some of these people who have no other skill.

    There are legal ramifications for distribution of tainted products, regardless of what they may “think”…they are the distributor. They will take the hit when someone gets sick from eating shrimp poisoned with PAH’s and corexit.

  • Its me

    Problem being that when people get sick from eating the shrimp and other seafood it will most likely not be linked to the source. And just where is all this shrimp being shipped to and the ability to trace it back to the gulf. Even now a lot of sick people in the gulf and doctors dont want to link their sikness to the gulf chemicals.

  • Albert Trimble

    But it can’t be. BP had a full page color ad in the Jackson, MS CLARION LEDGER, the states largest newspaper. It had two smiling shrimpers holding shrimp and BP said it was just fine, no problems here folks. Who am I supposed to believe? Working class shrimpers are trying to make a living, or a gigantic multi-national corporation intent on protecting its bottom line?

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