Marine Toxicologist: "Amazing amounts" of oil still coming onshore (VIDEO)

Testimonial of Dr. Susan Shaw, Louisiana Environmental Action Network, April 20, 2011:

At 1:03 in

  • You could see with your own eyes that the oil offshore was still coming onshore... just rolling in...
  • In March we saw amazing amounts of oil coming onto the land still...
  • There's so much oil in the system that although we'd like to think its safe to eat the seafood and swim, but the fact is it is not safe...  there is too much oil remaining in the system.
  • There is no safe level of exposure to the compounds in oil... they are carcinogenic, they are mutagenic. Once they get into the body its like a ticking time bomb... like potential cancer impacts later in life.
  • We have dolphins loaded up with oil...
  • It's like 'Russian roulette' to eat the seafood...

Dr. Susan Shaw - Marine Environmental Research Institute from Blackbird Media on Vimeo.

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  • xdrfox

    Fantastic News: BP Made $88.3 Billion in Revenue from January to April
    BP today said its profits rose to $7.12 billion, up from $6.08 billion a year earlier. Wonderful! BP also reported its total revenue for the first quarter rose more than 18 percent to $88.31 billion — that’s up from a mere $74.42 billion.

  • TSGordon

    "Gulf Barefoot Doc says most callers for help have oil radiation signs" --More and more articles like this are surfacing with references about the release of deadly radioactive components in Gas & Oil. In terms of the food-chain, this looks more and more like Fukushima by the hour! Or to quote Dupre´: Senator Mary Landrieu, recently stated, "We think petroleum and shrimp go well together." -Good call, honey!

  • xdrfox

    I had sent the link to FOSL not know why a story not be in header !

  • xdrfox

    I covered wrote a detailed story on this last year in detail and it did not get much attention !

    : (

  • xdrfox

    Back on Saturday, July 24, 2010

  • xdrfox

    Like The federal government is monitoring the situation in the Gulf,
    It never really stopped, Satellite imagery From April Fool’s Day…

  • beachbum

    Won't to put those big profit oil executives on the run? Tell them that the oil they have been pumping out of the Gulf belongs to us. Tell them that they must pay us a portion of all the oil they pump or get the hell out of our Gulf. Or let's go over there (wherever 'there' is) and set up a few rigs of our own and claim all the oil we can pump just as fast as we can pump it. They owe us and we want our money. Record profits! Are we crazy? That is my profit! and I want it. I want my money! and I want it now!
    Call your politicians and tell them that we want the same thing Alaska gives to her residents. I am Native American and it is not yours to claim. It cannot be bought or sold. It cannot be traded for beads or pots and pans or firewater or fancy clothes or anything. It is not yours, it is not your to make a profit on, it is not yours to make obscene profits on, it is not yours to take away from here and deliver it to another part of the world. It is not for you to stand between me and my natural resources.
    Who died and made you God that you can do this terrible deed and then turn your backs on us?
    By the way, folks, it is not a company that is doing this; it is not a company that decided to drill in a very dangerous location. It was not a company that knew in Feb 2010 that this rig would fail. It is individuals. And these individuals have names and live in houses with addresses. And they are accessible to you and me. They are not invisible but must be held accountable in court for their dastardly deeds. They have proven themselves to be murderers, liars, and thieves.
    They are used to your short memory span. They are used to your silence and acquiescence in matters of importance. We have set up a system where you do not have the right to question the decisions of your elected leaders, and it is that system that must be repaired.
    You can do it, America! You can rise up from the grass roots and change things. Not happy with what you are seeing, then get off your duffs and act?
    ACT and ACT now! They are trying to kill you.
    Let's tell our Congressmen and Representatives that we do not want any foreign oil companies in our waters doing our work for us and charging us unreal prices for our stuff. Get them the hell out of here and let our boys and girls do the job. And do it better!
    And send Shock Barack with them. Better yet, bring his skinny little ass on down here to the Gulf for a month. Check his vital signs in about a year and see how he is holding up. And pull his Soc. Sec. and Obamacare from him. Let his family experience what it is like to live here in America, land of the free and home of the brave. We can set him up a little white house right here on the beaches, build a VA hospital next to it cause he will need it. See how long he and his family last.

  • beachbum

    I love it, Xdrfox, that the government is monitoring the Gulf situation. But I live here, and their monitors will threaten you when you walk on the beaches, arrest you if you dig on the beaches, film on the beaches, try to go into restrictive areas that until last year was totally open and unrestricted. We have watchers and monitors. Now we need doers. To watch Fukushima and the lies revealed, to watch the Corps of Engineers underestimate what the blasting of the levees would do, to watch an untrained individual dump tritium into the Mississippi, to see tarballs still washing up on the beaches, to monitor what everybody can easily see, is ludicrous. These professional expert monitors are either blind as a bat or just out-right liars and murderers.
    I pin that label on no one. If the shoe fits, wear it. The proof is in the eating of the pudding. It all comes out in the wash.
    And when it does, you will see boat loads of politicians and corp. execs. and plane loads of politicians and corp. execs. heading to South America where it is rumored (not) that the Bush family bought 750,000 acres not too long ago. Ask Australia if they would take these treasonous traitor Americans. I understand that, when asked recently, they refused to give up their southern island to them. They are indeed looking for a refuge from the storm, a safe haven. I also understand that some of these underground encampments are not holding up very well, but need upgrading of condemned as unsafe, even before occupancy. Must have taken low bid on the projects.

  • I love it, Xdrfox, that the government is monitoring the Gulf situation. But I live here, and their monitors will threaten you when you walk on the beaches, arrest you if you dig on the beaches, film on the beaches, try to go into restrictive areas that until last year was totally open and unrestricted. We have watchers and monitors. Now we need doers.

  • This is alarming! If this amazing amounts of oil still continue to come onshore, it can be a big problem. The problem won't be only on our environment but also on our health.

  • Thanks for all the information. It's crazy to know that the oil spill is still an issue. However, I wish there was a video of the actual oil washing onto shore. I'd want to see what it actually looks like.

  • So scary! Thank you for keeping your blog updated. My thoughts and prayers are to the families in FL and hope BP starts doing something positive for this. I hope this doesn't create a future plague-like sickness.

  • Such a terrible thing that's happening and sounds like it's only getting worse. Are there any videos online that show the initial oil spill or what the waters look like from aerial view?

  • I am to submit a report on this niche your post has been very very helpfull

  • xdrfox

    Corexit and A Second product said @ 4:25 in Sea Brat4 Endocrine disruptor
    To Gulf Oil Spill on Friday, May 27, 2011

  • I believe this video. When stupid CBS took directions on what to do from BP on public land to prevent crews from filming the spill you know Obama is in bed with the oil company! A Coast Guard officer was on board the boat and said BP was calling the shots and those "orders" did not come from the Federal government!

  • Such a terrible thing that’s happening and sounds like it’s only getting worse.

  • Thanks for all the information. It’s crazy to know that the oil spill is still an issue.

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