Mayor: Reports of “Mystery Dispersant” in Florida; Sprayed workers sent to hospital, then blood testing

A troubling article in the August 10 Destin Log reports on the continued use of dispersants.

According to the paper, Destin Mayor Sam Seevers has had “multiple reports from area residents about suspicious activity” related to “using dispersants in state waters.”

She has recently stated, “We had asked the Coast Guard and BP to find out what they can, and to let us know what was going on.”

The Mayor said “she had heard people talking about a ‘mystery dispersant’ over the past few days” but it was repeated “over and over” at a Vessel of Opportunity meeting at Destin City Hall.

According to the report, an operator of a vessel of opportunity working for BP distributed a letter at the meeting “that he had ‘witnessed and reported’ suspicious activity over the Gulf of Mexico on July 30.”

While onshore, he saw a military C-130 aircraft “dropping to low levels of elevation then obviously spraying or releasing an unknown substance from the rear of the plane… [it] was not smoke, for the residue fell to the water, where smoke would have lingered.”

Another man, under contract with a Florida agency, also wrote a letter regarding a “strange incident” while observing wildlife offshore.

His supervisor told him “to get checked out because a plane had been reported in our area spraying a substance on the water about 10- 20 minutes before.”

The man suffered from “a bad headache, nasal congestion while his crewmember said he had a metallic taste in his mouth.”

The men were told to go to the hospital after filling out the initial incident report.

The following day the men were “asked to go to the hospital for blood tests.”

The Coast Guard says dispersants were not being used in Florida waters.

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2 comments to Mayor: Reports of “Mystery Dispersant” in Florida; Sprayed workers sent to hospital, then blood testing

  • Betsy S.

    Where is the truth going in the United States? Where is the government that The People have elected to represent THEIR best interests? Where is there any faith in the rule of law when lies and deception have become the “new normal”? Where is there any decent quality of life when chemicals are being sprayed on unsuspecting citizenry, doing God-only-knows what sorts of short and long-term damage to their bodies? Where is the “corporate personhood” who gives a shit about any other actual living, breathing person?

    It’s like a suffocating blanket is being tossed over Lady Liberty’s head….

    And, sadly, most of America can’t get off the cell phone long enough to even notice that anything’s even amiss.

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