“Media bribes” offered by Louisiana government — Reporter must write that oil industry lives in harmony with fishing industry

Marriage of oil and fisheries in Louisiana is not so happy: Bob Marshall, The Times-Picayune, February 25, 2011:

Imagine this. A reporter is invited on a state-funded fishing trip by the Louisiana Charter Boat Association. One caveat: His story must inform readers the oil industry lives in harmony with recreational fishing and, in fact, is beneficial to that sector.

Shocked? So was Eric Sharp of the Detroit Free-Press.

“Of course, I told him I couldn’t do that — I couldn’t accept any trip with pre-conditions,” he said. “When he told me the money and the conditions had come from your Department of Natural Resources, I was really surprised.” I wasn’t. Not even after the story was confirmed by DNR Undersecretary Robert Harper. His agency is spending $10,000 on that campaign, he said. …

[T]his campaign… uses public funds to benefit one of the most profitable industries on the planet. It can afford to pay for its own media bribes.

Read the report here.

20 comments to “Media bribes” offered by Louisiana government — Reporter must write that oil industry lives in harmony with fishing industry

  • ivanthedestroyer

    Americans have no Soul. Really, WHERE ARE THE RIOTS!! Perhaps, the government has everyone on some sort of medication or another? I wonder, could mankind be this Lame?

  • Morgana

    How can we outside of the Gulf area help you all down there? This info has GOT to get out to the nation and the world.

  • SouthGent321

    First, when I follow the link to read full report it took me to a story titled, “Sean Payton family’s new Dallas spread considered to be in idyllic place”. Other than that I second the emotion displayed by ivanthedestroyer, where are the riots, when are Americans going to finally pull their heads out of their arses and take a stand and declare ENOUGH!?!?

  • soozla

    They want all media to turn into BP PR people….while they slide out the back door.

  • Jack

    Ivan, and Southgent,
    I know a guy who blogs, or I should say I’ve been following his
    blogs for a few years, because he once produced a pioneering
    Public Access TV show, called ROX-TV, and his blog is at
    b.rox.com….the guy is sharper than me in his communications, more diligent and successful in his life, has
    a three year old girl, and lives like an OSTRICH as far as awareness of this crisis. Trying to give info at his blog at first just got ignored, then cut me off from posting.
    HOW DO WE GET the message across to the comfortable
    Bourgeoisie? This guy is SMART, but needs his BLINDERS ON
    so as to continue thinking his life is OK, that everything is going to be OK….
    Then he posts that they all have the “FLU”…and need to get
    antibiotics for the second or third time in a year.
    SHEESH! I try to get the point across to him that HE and HIS
    FAMILY are valuable enough to be selected for SURVIVAL!
    As far as Riots go….that is what they are planning on,
    gathering up everybody, no mercy, selection for CAMP made there on the spot at the assembly area where they will carry all the arrested fools.
    Our country is finished, and they have been busy putting
    uniforms and guns in the hands of stupid Mexicans to rule over us all.
    YES, they have been spraying Barium compounds as part
    of the chemtrail program, look up Clifford Carnicom.
    They say these Barium compounds pacify and stupefy folks.

  • soozla

    Anyone that thinks chemtrails and HAARP is a myth..is behind the times.
    We are pushing close to 300 days of trying to warn the people.
    Why do they think it is a conspiracy?
    The conspiracy is not that chemtrails do not exist.and we are just alarmists…It is a conspiracy ..because they exist..and the gov/mili are using it on the people while the people blow it off as unreal
    Riots? maybe later when hunger sets in… we’ll be lucky to get a march on the state capitals.. and then it will NOT be covered by the local MSM.
    They are waiting on civil unrest..to contain the “rabble”.
    The message from here is simple —get your families and move….
    Don’t wait on anyone or anything.

  • soozla


    Presently—I have the sensation of my skin burning—

  • ivanthedestroyer

    To: Jack or Any Interested party:

    Jack, I know, I have the same experiences, it seems people like to be lied to. The ability to assemble/communicate to people of like interests would begin with internet, face book, and other advertising/communication sources. Additionally, Flyers, News Paper Adds, and Town Hall Meetings. Sites for Donations can be set up and contributions used to sponsor Activities. People are Isolated and Must be Connected. I would use Gulf Restaurants as Assembly areas in that Region.

    Paying for the Busing …To WALL STREET… Not that Hard, as I’m sure there are many wealthy individuals who would gladly contribute; additionally, “environmental groups” need contacted and made aware of the situation. Donations, Donations, Donations! Now, You Will have to “Apply for a Protest Permit,” but You can Ignore the restrictions of the Permit! Only When these cretins are afraid will your demands be met.

    If you go by the Rules, “YOU WILL LOSE,” the RULES WERE MADE TO KEEP THE Government in absolute Control. Being Arrested? So? Be Prepared, Bring a Gas Mask … Helmut, and Protective gear. Consultation with a good Constitutional Attorney and retaining him for consult can be paid from contributions. Each Activist can Be Asked to Contribute to Fund the Event.

    You don’t fight, they Win, and as to Fear of Any government reprisals … That’s what the Second Amendment Was Written For … SHOW NO FEAR. FEAR is the ENEMY TO ALL SUCCESS.

    Like I said…One WEEK of this and the Government and BP will Cave and Meet All Demands.


    You can Always Put A Massive Short, on SPDRs and BP, on the Eve before the March and Maximize Extensive Profits. I may be taking a Vacation to the GOM to see if I can get things going! SAD, because I’m over 1,000 miles AWAY!!!!


  • ivanthedestroyer

    Soozla …Protests,Riots… Team up with the Teachers! They have a good Start, sadly, (and I want to find my political-Science Teacher), but they don’t know where the Center of Power is … WALL STREET!

    If you suspect chem-trails, or any other chemical toxin “ blood Tests,” Water Tests, and even Soil and Air Sampling are Cheaply afforded from a local Laboratory. Additionally, I have posted on the Ignorance of the GOM residents allowing “only governmental” testing … NO! In order to be Scientific, Safe, and Reasonably Certain “a Minimum of Two Independent Sources” should be testing and monitoring all samples and governmental results.


  • soozla


    The state of Louisiana..really should get some answers from this guy.
    Louisiana is broke going into this situation.

  • monkey99

    choices choices. bet some figure it’s a bit safer to take the money and run


  • Jack

    Bring a Gas Mask, a Helmet, and a second-amendment
    protected GUN into New York City for the Big Confrontation?
    I’m a Life Member of a 2nd Amendment-supporting organization. I say don’t make the real cops feel threatened by
    reckless confrontational carrying, while expecting normal
    street freedoms.
    If there’s going to be effective ANYTHING going down, it must
    anticipate real conditions. Armor and Electronic weapons must be stopped at their Depots, their assembly yards, neutralized
    by sabotage. Idiot troops ought to stopped before they can
    raise a club or surge forward to attack protestors.
    NYC has already showed their plans for protestors.

  • ivanthedestroyer

    You can purchase any weapon the state has for Riots. Capcacian Sprays, Sonic Bangers, Tazers … ON and ON and ON! The Police don’t have the manpower. Additionally, They are under attack too. They know their Unions will Go Down Too. Perhaps, Infiltrating their ranks would be useful. I hear they are marching with the firemen.

    In any Case, In a Storm Situation … SMOKE… and Lots of it. Horse Mounted Troopers will go down. Blinding the enemy and surrounding him always works. A Sonic Weapon could be Deployed against NYC troopers. No Situation is unmanageable.

  • soozla

    Correct..when fighting for one’s freedom…which generally means.. one’s very life..any scenario is imaginable.

  • soozla

    Sigh..right now even an email blitz to the governors of the region seems a stretch.

  • soozla


    I’ve been meaning to add this to the chemtrail conversation.

  • xdrfox

    soozla, thanks

    2) Many proposed chemicals or particles used in these geoengineering schemes (i.e., U.S. Navy/NASA C.A.R.E. experiment deployed September 19, 2009), are likely to be toxic to humans, marine mammals, oceans, fish, wildlife, food pollinators, and birds. Many of these toxic chemicals, like sulfur, have the potential to contaminate drinking water, soil, cause acid rain or air pollution, and may impair human health, from lack of Vitamin D, by reducing the amount of sunlight reaching the Earth.

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