Medical Director: “Desperate need” for health services in lower Plaquemines — 33% of children suffering “physical, mental or behavior problems because of the spill”

Mobile health clinic coming to Plaquemines, AP, October 8, 2010:

Two doctors work Monday to Friday at the Ochsner Health Services clinic in Belle Chasse, which opened in June and added a family practice doctor two weeks ago.

“There is a desperate need for service in lower Plaquemines Parish,” said Dr. Yvens G. Laborde, regional medical director for Ochsner.

The CHF [Children’s Health Fund] pediatrician will fill a critical need, he said. …

A survey of parents this summer found that one-third of the children in the hardest-hit areas had physical, mental or behavior problems because of the spill.

8 comments to Medical Director: “Desperate need” for health services in lower Plaquemines — 33% of children suffering “physical, mental or behavior problems because of the spill”

  • Parents of the children who live in the lower Plaquemines area should be on *watchout* — as all the assistance and helpers come in, especially C.A.R.E.

    I’m sure you would welcome a couple of medical doctors, but C.A.R.E. arrives with an over-filled basket of mental health titles and symptons to attach — like a yoke, around your neck. So, please *Watchout*.

    I’m shocked by the number of medical doctors not in your area; am I wrong? I’m feeling like there are only two or three for the entire area — and this is almost 5 months after the DeepWater Horizon oil disaster.

  • Canuck

    I hope I’m wrong but I suspect it’s just the beginning. For those that are paying attention, it’s getting worse, not tapering off. For those that trust in the gov. and the MSM it’s now ignorable. And as Kindra said, doctors aren’t diagnosing illness just prescribing medication for something else entirely which will only exacerbate the problem.

    The financial cost of staying will far far exceed the costs of leaving because no medical expenses will be covered by a HMO, government collusion will ensure this.

  • premurderedGOM

    No one in the medical field will say that any “problems” occuring is related to BP in any way. This would admit liability to the company. Did you know that if a doctor finds cancer and does not offer you chemo therapy, he/she will lose their license? This is a law requirement for them. No one cares. These poor people in the Gulf states will quickly die when chemicals are prescribed to treat chemical overload. Does that make sense? Also as someone said beware of the gov’t. CPS will start taking the kids. They will be labeled and drugged instead of receiving mental counseling.

  • The children and adults are valued by the scientific communities only as ‘lab rats’, and the victims will receive a lot of attention until the universities get what they want. Information. But, that attention will not be good medical care for genuine physical issues related to the extreme toxins — crude oil and dispersant. They will get that information — but through the a backdoor.

    IMHO, the research going on along the coast provides the researchers with highly desired data, and the universities don’t care how that information is extracted from you.

    Mental Health Services provides a great opportunity for the researchers because it’s their way into your body; if an appropriate physician isn’t available, or the medical diagnosis and prognosis are not forthcoming (BP protection), they will still be able to extract every data bit from you and your children.

    And, IMHO, you will not be privy to that information. They wanted to do research on the biological effects corexit has on the aquatic and human life.

    It’s a feeding frenzy; please keep your children out of their clutches.

  • Chelsea

    @Canuck and BiscuitandButter – This is far from the end of anything. Wait until pregnant women who are being exposed to this have their babies.

    I lost 6 inches of my large intestine at 3 days old (birth defect) due to my mother’s exposure to the aromatic VOC’s crude oil puts off (she worked in a refinery, and this was 1984).

    The other woman carrying at about the same time as her had a son, born severely mentally retarded.

    We have major child cancer-clusters happening right now in my area (Clyde, Green Springs, Bellvue Ohio)… areas downstream from where there were two major toluene spills that Sun Oil said “posed no threat to humans” and never even evacuated the areas.

    My little cousin’s mother lived in that area and carried her pregnancy with her living there, and she has lived her entire life with small, benign tumors that grow all over the inside of her body… they may not be cancerous (yet), but if one forms in the “right” part of her brain, heart, lungs, you name it, it could kill her. She already has one in her brain that has caused epilepsy. Last week they found one growing behind her retina… she will lose her eyesight in her right eye probably before year’s end.

    There was a little girl in Clyde who just died of a rare brain cancer… they have an unfinished basement (therefore, exposed soils in the basement).

    Just so much crap… On a scale of one to ten, ten being the worst… we’re only seeing about a four or five. Just you wait.

  • Canuck

    Chelsea I’m afraid you’re right. Breaks my heart. These corp.s are like huge virulent machines destroying every thing in their path in pursuit of the almighty buck and they don’t stop until there’s nothing of worth left to extract. It’s got to stop somehow. But how? It would take a country wide 100% rebellion, a refusal to work or pay taxes or consume because corp.s only respect the bottom line. If it wasn’t profitable for them to act this way well, they wouldn’t do it. But most people don’t care until it affects them directly. I dunno.

  • Chelsea,

    There is not one cancer that man has not created: First in the lab — then in the tissue of most of humanity. Vaccines are great; they get it in and no ones the wiser — until lately.

    And, because we love our pets so much, we’re giving them cancer via vaccines and the ID chip. We just don’t know any better, and we’re frightened when we consider the possible diseases and conditions that may *catch* our loved ones, human or animal.

    They [corporations] have tricked us into doing harm to ourselves and to each other; pharmaceuticals are a good example. Dollars galore!!! But, not one cure — for any disease.

    The clusters you speak of have been going on for 60 years or longer. Our voices are too sweet to appeal to those who run things. They couldn’t care less. The only voice they listen to and enjoy is the devils.

  • I hope that those people got the service they needed in order to get better. What happened was a tragedy that could have been prevented if the energy industry were better regulated.

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