Medical Doctor: Disaster in Gulf is a “SIGNIFICANT HEALTH THREAT” for visitors this summer (VIDEO)

In Discussion with David Gibbons, February 25, 2011:

Download full 53 minute broadcast here.

6 comments to Medical Doctor: Disaster in Gulf is a “SIGNIFICANT HEALTH THREAT” for visitors this summer (VIDEO)

  • Just a thought;; Feinberg should take the number of heads of households affected on the gulf which is 11,000,000 families. According to National Census bureau statistics. (excludingTexas) Take the interest alone and give us monthly checks t…o leave town with or stay. If one figures the interest on $20 billion to be say $2 billion per year.At consrvative 10%.. Then if one figures that one billion dollars is 1000 million subtract 11,000,000 heads of households. That leaves the BP claim fund, with 1 billion 989 million left – Without touching the principle of $20 billion. Leaving each head of household an annual check of $1 million dollars. Check my math as it seems staggering and it also makes me realize why Feinberg said, even if he payed all the current claims. He would still have a pile of loot. But our media made it look like he was the bad guy for saying that. Maybe he was trying to let us in on how to do the math. I know I could use $83,000 a month for life. I could find a place to be well.

  • I know it is easier to get teh citizens of LA to accept Mardi Gras beads and booze than royalties from oil leaving there state just as it easier to roganzie 40,000 to show up for Alabama Native son to belt out old beer songs like greaseburgers and parasites. But come on folks we need to be compensated and evacuated or stay and die but have an option. I love this area BUT I have a family to.

  • xdrfox

    perry berens
    If the property values became near worthless in the Gulf States overnight and everyone left to city’s that didn’t have room for them, say well over a million per city, Banks and Wall Street/World stocks would collapse with property value’s, economic loses, from the gulf states.

  • xdrfox

    Did I hear Feinberg 3/4 mil a month pay for handling the payouts ?, seems he is trying to get most of the funds.

  • Jean

    Don’t worry about the health threats, the new governor of Florida is flying around the country inviting everyone to “share a little sunshine”.

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