Memo: “EPA agrees that the ultimate message to the public will likely be that the oil was successfully dispersed with chemical dispersants”

E-mails show struggle to guess size of Gulf spill, The Associated Press, November 25, 2010

An Environmental Protection Agency memo, one of many showing uncertainty, said, “EPA agrees that the ultimate message to the public will likely be that the oil was successfully dispersed with chemical dispersants, but until we know with some degree of certainty … we are hesitant to assign distinct percentages at this time.”

8 comments to Memo: “EPA agrees that the ultimate message to the public will likely be that the oil was successfully dispersed with chemical dispersants”

  • One of us could have provided the Obama administration and the public with far more accurate information than they claim to have received, or to have procured on their own.

    We could also bring them up-to-date on the flow of oil: It’s still going.

  • Jean

    How about we disperse the EPA? These idiots have done absolutely nothing to protect the environment!

  • C.Dodds

    If the EPA is uncertain about the degree of coontamination, they should make a public announcement that the health of parts of specific parts of the gulf is uncertain, and issue a warning and assurances that asseessments are underway.

    If there is a distinct possibility that a baby’s milk is poisoned, should parents let baby drink it until there is “some degree of certainty?” Of course not!
    Drinking of the milk shoulod be forbidden until it is proved safe. Likewise swimming and fishing in the gulf should be forbidden and warnings should be issued to residents.

    Meanwhile, statistics should be collected as accurately as possible with full speed.

  • soozla

    contacting the obama administration –kind of like barking up the wrong tree
    just sayin

  • theliecalledamerica

    You all live in a business, get it. Not a country. NO ONE WILL HELP YOU. Educate yourselves. Take the damn time to learn about the corrupt workings of your masters. Apparently you don’t get it yet. Do you know that hyperinflation is coming after the “holidays”? Do you understand severe price increases are being held back until after you spend money on worthless Chinese toxic crap? Did you know that cotton is going to increase 30%! Better stock up on jeans for the kids. Do you know that gas will probably be 4-5 dollars/gal and why? Or that you have been given a death sentence if you live in the Gulf states? Please wake up. For God’s sake wake up for your children before it’s too late.

  • And just who are you? This website deals with the tragic oil gusher in the GOM — and we’re already educated. As for your other entries — except for the cotton, I’ve been *clued* in for a very, very long time.

    When you’re sitting at your computer and typing your message, are you at a desk in England? At least Americans realize that the computer and www allows us to communicate with other individuals in most countries — and without postage or delay.

  • theliecalledamerica

    Yak. Yak. Yak. Not ONE on this incredible site has ever written a letter or rallied anything. I would bet on it. You are too frightened. Watch the world news, we will show how to complain when something goes wrong for the people. Anyway, it’s too late. Your precious children will be homeless or slaves to the state. I dare you, B&B to read and understand what was provided in the link. If you can turn off the telly!

  • Who are we? I did not read the article you provided because I’m fully aware of the “dumbing down” of our young people; from cradle to grave. Just a few examples…

    Fluoride poisoning in drinking water, air
    Misleading changes in textbooks (history, math, civics…)
    Vaccines with adjuvants that often destroy a variety of CNS functions
    Chemtrails with toxic metals, and biochemical and biomedical toxins
    Pouring psychotropic drugs such as Prozac in our water….

    Are you bored yet?

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