Methane concerns: Possible “fundamental shift” in Gulf’s microbial ecosystem and amount of bacteria — “We’re going to have to watch this”

What Lies Beneath, National Wildlife Foundation, October 4, 2010:

[E]xperts say [recently discovered degraded oil deep in the water column of the Gulf of Mexico] still has the potential to cause “sub-lethal” effects that could impact the microbial ecosystem…

[Ajit Subramaniam, an Associate Research Professor from the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University] expressed concern about the natural gas and methane that is potentially being consumed by such microbes.

“I would like to see over time if there has been a fundamental shift in the microbial ecosystem and if the bacteria populations in the Gulf of Mexico have shifted. We’re going to have to watch this,” he said.

9 comments to Methane concerns: Possible “fundamental shift” in Gulf’s microbial ecosystem and amount of bacteria — “We’re going to have to watch this”

  • kingfish33919

    Drudge had several item today that indicated big problems for Europe – seems the Gulf Stream is going away – the ice age, maybe – the question will the MSM report this.

  • C.Dodds

    Could someone please tell us the parts per million of poisons in The Gulf which are toxic? Also for oil.

    Can you estimate the AVERAGE toxicities throughout the whole Gulf?

    This information would be greatly appreciated, giving significance to some statistics,

  • Jessica

    @ C.Dodds – Do web searches. You can find plenty of “scientific” info – ppm (parts per million) ppb (parts per billion). People losing their eyesight in Louisiana is good clue that they are being poisoned by higher than “allowed” chemical exposure from oil hydrocarbons and the corexit. Benzene from the oil/gas industry is a known carcinogen that causes a list of illnesses – blindness is one of them. God Help us All.

  • Ben

    Jessica is correct. Moreover, these hydrocarbons are bio-active in your body and can bio-accumulate in fat tissues, etc…i.e. you need to avoid further exposures and detox or you will be getting hit with agonizing health issues well into the future!…

  • Ben

    For reference, .3 PPB (parts per Billion, not just per million!) of Benzene detected in sensitive human blood tests ranks as the top 5th percentile of recorded human exposure according to the CDC in 2009. As such, finding hundreds of PPM of hydrocarbons (which should include Benzene) in Gulf waters and sands is really foul news. DO NOT MESS WITH THESE CHEMICALS. (Benzene is pretty much guaranteed to cause cancer.)

  • Ben

    Benzene evaporates pretty quickly, but it is a killer…Several other Hydrocarbon “enes” (Xylenes, Ethylbenzene, Toulene, Styrene) as well as Hexane, Methylpentanes, and Isooctane will work you over, too! 🙁 They are very toxic per EPA Hazardous Chemicals data. They come from petroleum, so they are definitely fumigating the Gulf region…FACT. Benzene is ranked as the #5 MOST TOXIC chemical known to man!! Can you believe that?…And the other foregoing “ene” compounds that comprise “Polycylic Aromatic HYDROCARBONS” rank #9 (!) out of the 275 chemicals on the Hazardous Chemicals Priority list from the EPA & ATSDR (agency for toxic substances and disease registry) (No, Pres. Obama and BP are not going to explain this to you!!!)

  • C. Dodds,

    Yes. The information was presented on this very site a couple of months back. You’ll probably find that information on the “must read” link at the top of the page — in the colored box at the top of this page. The most informative articles will be found there.

    As memory serves me, anything over 0.5 is dangerous. 1.5 to 3.0 parts per billion can be lethal.

    If I need correction, please do so. It’s important that the exact figures are posted for those unaccustomed to this site, floridaoilspilllaw.

  • Kingfish,

    Thanks for the information: I got tired of going to only to find information scooped into their dipper from this site.

    The Drudge Report usually carries only two or three articles per week concerning this apocalyptic tragedy.

  • Ajit Subramamaim said, “I would like to see… if the bacterial populations in the Gulf of Mexcico have shifted. We’re going to have to watch this.”

    I say, The people living along the gulf take *top priority*.

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