Confirmed: “Methane escaping at the surface” is “bubbling through the strata” says oil expert Nieuwenhuise on CNN at 1:17pm (VIDEO)

Don Van Nieuwenhuise interview, CNN, July 19, 2010 at 1:20p.m.:

Rush Transcript Excerpts

CNN: The other concern… is the buildup of methane over the oil well…

Starts at 2:53 in

CNN: Why do we think there is seepage? Tell me about this and what the implications are?

Don Van Nieuwenhuise, director of Professional Geosciences Programs at the University of Houston: They’ve seen a little bit of a spike in the methane content around the well… but not bubbles. So as far as BP is concerned there is no leak there.

But some distance — and I still haven’t heard what that distance is — away from that, they actually can see some methane escaping at the surface and is essentially bubbling through the strata.

And in that case it’s possible that some of the sands below the surface have been charged with oil and gas…

The gas will leak out first, and then later on the oil will start to leak out.

CNN: You mentioned they are seeing methane… what are the implications of methane? Why do we now have to be concerned with methane?…

Nieuwenhuise: If a well is completely sealed-in you do not want to see an increase in methane…

One of the most serious situations would be is that if you have a leak very close to the well head and you could have a potential erosion of the substrate or the rocks around that well head that could cause it to collapse if the flow increased enough…

7 comments to Confirmed: “Methane escaping at the surface” is “bubbling through the strata” says oil expert Nieuwenhuise on CNN at 1:17pm (VIDEO)

  • Betsy S.

    I cannot understand why Thad is allowing them to keep that cap on when there are obviously some other serious problems….

  • Waterman

    You American have Admiral Thad…In France, we already met Maréchal Pétain years ago.
    Good luck. Sincerely.

  • Andy

    I had to leave the bayou last week. Between midnight and 4am the fumes were so bad, i would wake up about 3a.m. every morning gasping for air. I broke out in a rash, and my eyes were burning in their sockets. You could taste that mess in your throat. Im not going back to my home.

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