“Millions of peoples’ health at risk” says toxicologist/marine biologist

Government withholding key data on Gulf seafood testing, scientists say, Raw Story, October 7, 2010:

[Chris] Pincetich, the marine biologist and toxicologist from the Sea Turtle Restoration Project, cautioned, “They really need to throw out their old rulebook. This is a massive, toxic situation with millions of peoples’ health at risk.”

“And if they’re not using the best technology in the most transparent, comprehensive ways,” he continued, “then they’re really falling short of being public servants and protecting our health and well being with their decisions.”

Read the report here.

10 comments to “Millions of peoples’ health at risk” says toxicologist/marine biologist

  • Chelsea

    Well DUH. Sorry. I’ve been seething since this started and I’m stuck in Ohio. But I was born with birth defects myself (6 inches of necrotic intestinal tissue, had to have a colostomy, have had 4 more surgeries since) due to my mother working in “Big Oil”; her plant refined crude into its constituant aromatics (which is what’s most likely making everyone sicker than cr*p now)… toluene, xylene, benzene, and so on. It will all dissipate in air, yes, but it will make your land, your seawater, wells, groundwater, anything that is not air, toxic for years. I wonder, all of those unmasked folks cleaning up as fresh oil washed ashore; did they smell that sickeningly-sweet aroma of something in the air where the crude was? If so, they were definitely taking in toluene, that’s one thing I can say for sure.

  • amazed

    Thanks for your point well-taken, Chelsea. I’m from polluted Ohio, too. You learn to appreciate the health impact… Hydrocarbon aromatic VOCs are in the Top Ten out of 275 Hazardous Chemicals on EPA, ASTDR, and CERCLA Priority Lists. Benzene alone ranked as the #6 most hazardous chemical. It’s just a fact that these insidious, invisible chemicals ravage the human body in a myriad of ways with possible long-term or fatal impact. Sadly, citizens down there, the tourists, and seafood consumers seem to have no idea about the volume of exposure they are facing. :'(

  • amazed

    To help people understand, they are not just “chemicals,” or hazardous chemicals. They are hazardous, carcinogenic, neurotoxic PETROCHEMICALS inherent in every drop of crude oil. You can’t even touch or breathe crude without contaminating yourself.

  • Chelsea

    Yep, amazed, you’re exactly right. Right now we are dealing with a “Cancer-Cluster”… a large group of kids in the small area of Clyde-Green Springs getting sick and dying of rare cancers (google: cancer cluster clyde ohio). The EPA “isn’t finding anything wrong”, but they are avoiding the fact that there were two MASSIVE Toluene spills in the area, and a toxic waste containment area that has hasbasically been leaking since the early 90’s (I wish I could find the location of it, it’s near the Sandusky River near-ish to Fremont; same area). The EPA won’t do crap concerning the hydrocarbon spills because Sunoco (Sun Oil) owns everything and runs everything in NW Ohio. You can’t even FIND an article on the 2004 spill, and they told the communities that “everything was safe and there was no need to evacuate”… WHAT? My mother, who worked in this crap, called the news station telling them what she knows about it, and they HUNG UP ON HER! Bull.

    And get this, too. 6 tornados ravaged my community back in June, destroying 160+ structures, including the Police/Fire/EMS Administration Building and our High School (Lake High School). 7 lives were also lost. WE WERE TURNED DOWN BY FEMA, but Michigan wasn’t; they had minimal damage and no loss of life. Insurance him-hawed around and finally things were settled, roughly 20-25k less than what they were insured for. What does this have to do with anything? Guess who provided the “GAP Insurance” (that 25k we were cut short of to rebuild)…. BP!!! NO JOKE!!! http://www.wtol.com/Global/story.asp?S=13203197 I just don’t freaking get it anymore.

    It’s all BS. I’m so blazing mad I can’t see straight. I bear the scars of this BS too, 26 and still suffering. The loss of life due to this spill will far, far exceed where it stands now, the general population just doesn’t know it yet.

  • Chelsea

    And trust me, I wish I could come down there and scream from the rooftops like Kindra was (Get Well Kindra!!), but in what I’ve already dealt with involving oil, here is better than there, for me. But OH I WANT TO SO BAD. Unfortunately, I have an endocrinologist, a gastroenterologist, A physical-medicine and rehabilitation doctor, two surgeons, an internal medicine doctor, and most importantly, my mother, all telling me NO!!! Gulf folks, is this the life you want your children, or YOU, to lead? No? THEN PLEASE GET AWAY IF YOU CAN!

  • Have we all become toluene sniffers unwillingly??? I know from what I see on TV it will fry your brain…hey..I desperately need every brain cell I have left…I have defragged it and emptied my brain cache and it still doesn’t help…and I think my battery may even be running down…:-(
    BP finishing me off and I am not even going to be compensated…

  • Canuck

    From the article:

    “So the question is, why?” Solomon said. “It seems strange that it hasn’t been made available for peer review.”

    Obviously NOAA and the FDA have been testing all right but diluting the data to useless for any peer review. I find that scarey.

  • premurderedGOM

    The U.S. is a corporation, not a country, hence run by lawyers and business people. You are owned by a business. The U.S. is foreign owned. We have been misled, lied to, and dumbed down to the lowest level. We cannot “change” anything nor do the people matter. Our Fathers, Sons and Daughters have faught and died for nothing, their lives wasted for the whims of the elite. Do yourself a favor and read the following at this link. http://www.serendipity.li/jsmill/us_corporation.htm Copy it, put it in mailboxes, give it to strangers, fax it, teach older kids. The so called “teachers” in this “country” should be hanged for treason.

  • http://www.facebook.com/BPAmerica?v=wall&story_fbid=446191094919


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