Mississippi man’s blood tests show extremely high Xylene, Ethylbenzene — Now passing out for an hour at a time (LAB RESULTS)

Charles & John – 2 More Members of the “General Public” With High Toxins in Blood Work & Severe Illnesses, Coastal Warriors, March 3, 2011:

John from Pass Christian, Mississippi:

  • Did not work oil cleanup or in the vessels of opportunity program
  • Non-smoker
  • Works from home


  • Lives about 10 miles from the beach
  • Smelled strong fumes for days at a time
  • Went boating several times where officials said it was safe to do so
  • Oil-contaminated sand was put in the landfill 1-2 miles away from his house
  • Would often smell the fumes and still does occasionally
  • Concerned about well-water contamination


  • Serious health problems
  • Red inflamed throat
  • Persistent white bumps in back of throat
  • Breathing problems
  • Cognitive problems
  • Recently began passing out for an hour at a time

Charles from Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi:

  • Did not work oil cleanup or in the vessels of opportunity program
  • A refrigeration tech
  • Does “not get exposed to chemicals” on the job
  • Non-smoker
  • Stay inside the truck with the windows up when refueling vehicle
  • Drives with air on ‘recirculate’
  • Drink about two gallons of reverse osmosis water daily, made at home
  • Tried store-bought detox kits before blood tests


  • Ate “a lot of seafood”
  • Lives half mile from the beach
  • Fumes were like living “next door to a truck stop”


  • Developed nonstop bloody diarrhea for almost 2 months
  • Was admitted to the hospital last summer for dehydration and anemia
  • Doctors determined Crohn’s Disease was the cause, though he’d been in remission for past 23 years
  • Very bad mental issues at that time from the stress of it all and
  • Thought at times thought he’d be better to be dead
  • Suddenly developed pneumonia last month
  • Pneumonia came on with no symptoms except I simply could not breathe
  • Prescribed antibiotics and Prednisone that did not help
  • Still not feeling well and have cognitive problems sometimes
  • Having balance problems, bumping into things often bump

Note from Charles:

John “is very actively contacting the Governor, Lt. Governor, the State D.A. and many others as he gets run in circles from one to the other being told not our department; try this number! He has had doctors here blatantly tell him that they don’t see anything and has he had any mental treatment, and then blatantly tell him that they would not say anything against BP! We cannot find doctors here to do the VOC test and had to make a 5 hour round trip to get one done… I hope this helps others.”

Note from Coastal Warriors:

“Charles and John are sharing their story and their test results below to not only get the medical help they deserve, but to bring attention to the fact that many people are ill, and NOTHING is being done to assist, inform, or control what is happening to the entire Gulf Region.

“Please share this with all media sources in your area, and email this text and these images to your local, state and federal representatives. … Public awareness and exposure to date is the only mechanism that seems to be effective…”

John’s Blood Test Results:

Charles’ Blood Test Results:

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