Mississippi Mystery: If officials find submerged oil now, it counts as oil... Unlike last time (VIDEO)

How much does BP owe for damaging natural resources?, WLOX, November 11, 2010:

"We started with shoreline assessment in mid-July. And that ran for about a month and a half. And that was teams going up and down the shore along the coast and assessing them for damage," said Nick Gatian, an environmental administrator with DEQ. ...

This damage assessment work is quite similar to the earlier oil response teams that hit the water, with one big exception.

"With the damage assessment, a positive hit is any speck of oil shows up on those pom poms. If you put out a 20 foot length of chain and one pom pom comes up with one piece that has a speck of oil on it, for damage assessment that's a positive hit," Gatian explains.

See also: ALL 8 tests find submerged oil in MS waters — one near public beach; Coast Guard looked and “did not find any”

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