MORE: 300 birds dead within few hundred feet, “Some were RECENT” — Mother gull dies while keeping baby egg warm (PHOTO)

Dead Birds Found on Modoto Island off Louisiana coast, CNN iReport, August 26, 2010:

On the morning of August 25th, I chartered a boat to a little island south of Lake Felicity off the Louisiana coast to check out the reports of thousands of dead birds I had been hearing about from other birders.

I also wanted to confirm my suspicions from finding dead birds on the roadside…

A crab fisherman, Mr. Verdin, agreed to take me to “THAT” Island….The one I feared to see…But, knew I had to. …

Mr. Verdin found a spot to pull the boat close to the marsh grasses…

I walked not two feet and there they were…strewn around like popcorn all over the place…laughing gulls.  I guess I kinda of expressed my sentiments loudly cause Mr. Verdin was at my side in no time flat to see what I saw.  He was also in complete awe.  We walked the island together, mostly in silence, lost in our own thoughts and fears and sadness.

Every 10-20 feet were more gulls under a bush or laying flat on the small shells or coffee grind colored soil.  Some were fully intact and others were not.  Most were decomposing rapidly… some were recent and still looked fat and pretty except for their eyes of course.

In a ten foot circumference, I counted seventeen gulls.  Walking another ten-twenty feet were another 17-20 gulls.

Then I spotted her…a mother gull with an egg fully intact… But it was never to be…she died before the egg even had a chance to hatch. …

In all we covered about 100 feet to the north, 30-40 feet east, and 100 feet south in a different area.  I estimate we saw about 200-300 laughing gulls – all dead.

Read report here.

5 comments to MORE: 300 birds dead within few hundred feet, “Some were RECENT” — Mother gull dies while keeping baby egg warm (PHOTO)

  • charlie london


    Everyone thinks there is an all clear.

    Animals still dying, people are still sick.

    The injustice happening in the USA is unbelievable

  • xdrfox

    Has any test been done to find the reason they have died ? CHEMICAL ? Birds are hard to find here here now. Mostly the larger birds but fewer and fewer of them as the weeks go by. It seems to be only affecting sea birds ! Ones that eat from the rivers and oceans ! These birds are not dieing of HYPOXIA as the fish are said to be !

  • Ghana

    The US Government and the Mega-Corps declared WAR on this country citizens and their 2nd attack was biological; oil and dispersant. We all know 911 was the 1st attack! I predict the 3rd to be a nuke going off near Chicago in area where evidence of misconduct and fraud are being uncovered as I type! It will not be who they claim; it will be Israel and inside traitors!

  • Ghana

    Anybody else wonder why Texas and it’s TV whore Governor have been completely silent during this oil eruption and debacle? We here in Texas do!

  • Tawanda The Avenger

    Ghana: I have my own theory:
    our gulf coast, rich with heritage, natural beauty and oil & natural gas, have been invaded and taken by global interests and their muscle.
    The continual spraying of disbersants will render this once great part of the US uninhabitable, except of course for rigs.

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