More from Feds: Lifting up BOP may compromise “casing hanger” and allow oil to flow from annulus (VIDEO)

Press Briefing by National Incident Commander Thad Allen, August 27, 2010 at 12:00 p.m. EDT:

Casing hanger discussed…

3 comments to More from Feds: Lifting up BOP may compromise “casing hanger” and allow oil to flow from annulus (VIDEO)

  • We should not believe anything that these BP devils are saying to us!! Because they serve and are owned by the International Bankers and their Illuminati puppet masters who rule and own our media.

    As our Media are media whores and liars. And our politicians are nothing but a bunch of traitorous bribed dogs who will be in hell with the other devils who will force the world to take their mark of the beast chip and will put those of us to death if we refuse to take it!!

    And both the Media whores and their Illuminati controlled politicians will all be the the lowest parts of the lake of fire and brimstone. But the Bankers/Illuminati/Bilderbergers/CFR/ will be in the lowest parts of hell; after they are plagued for 42 months of hell on the Earth!!

    As their agonies will be extremely harsh and brutal. Read Revelation 13 and 14 and especially Rev. 14:9-11, which tells you how those who take the mark of the beast will be in hell forever soon!!

  • The End Is Finally Here For All

    Hell is here now!
    Hell is waiting for you.
    The Devil is alive an in plain view, don’t you see him? He’s looking right at you!
    Hell is about to open its doors to us all!
    The Earth has been cracked open by useless technology and a rat pack of suicidal fools.
    Greed has finally destroyed common sense.
    Six months after the well does finally blow open, death will visit each and everyone of you.
    Your gold will be worthless.
    Your jobs will be useless.
    Your houses will be valueless.
    Your families will be hopeless.
    Your future will be as black as the oil that will devourer you!

  • Sorry but I have been researching about hell for 36 years; and I know that hell is in the center of the Earth. And it is very dark and gloomy with millions and milions of pits of fire!! And demons of all sizes are running around everywhere!! And the demons are tormenting thousands and millions of souls every night. For hell has absolultely no sunshine or days. The sun cannot penetrate the Earths thick crust.

    And there is absolutely not a drop of water in hell. And no trees or green grass or flowers or plants of any type. And hell has no children in it; since all of them that die as children go to heaven automatically.

    And those millions of pits of fire has a soul in each of them. And there are larger pits of fire also with dozens of souls in each of them!! All burning and yelling their heads off and saying how they should have served God and Jesus!!
    But now it is too late and their doom is forever sealed.

    But those of us who serve Jesus and His Heavenly Father will be living like gods and goddesses in heaven and later; after Jesus returns and defeats Satan and his children; the renovated and beautified Earth!!

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