MORE Gulf residents blood tests show ethylbenzene, xylene and high levels of hexane — “Told they need a hi-res scan of their lungs, brain, liver and kidneys”

The Untold Story of Human Health Effects From BP’s Oil Disaster, Glynn Wilson, September 7th, 2010:

Robin Young [is] a 47-year-old director of guest services for a property management company in Orange Beach, Alabama…

Just a few days after BP’s oil made landfall along the Alabama Gulf Coast in June, Ms. Young’s symptoms started with “a fiery, burning sore throat,” she said. Then came the horrible, constant cough, followed by an achy feeling much like a severe flu virus — and a lethargy that kept her in bed for two weeks solid. Her memory started playing tricks on her, and her motor skills and even hand-to-eye coordination went south. …

Her new friends [she met while communicating with others who were sickened]… soon started a nonprofit group called Guardians of the Gulf [and] tried to find a local doctor to help them. After having no luck, they eventually found an out of state toxicologist and a doctor who knew enough about a new area of occupational and environmental health to order blood tests.

They found Dr. Michael R. Harbut, a clinical professor of Internal Medicine and director of the Environmental Cancer Program at Wayne State University’s Karmanos Cancer Institute, board certified in Occupational and Environmental Medicine. And they found Metametrix, a lab to test their blood.

What they found in the blood tests was a stew of toxic chemicals directly associated with oil and gas production and the chemical dispersant Corexit, including ethylbenzene, xylene and high levels of hexane, a hydrocarbon chiefly obtained by the refining of crude oil.

The long-term toxicity of hexane in humans is extensive peripheral nervous system failure. The initial symptoms are tingling and cramps in the arms and legs, followed by general muscular weakness. In severe cases, skeletal muscles atrophy and those exposed suffer a loss of coordination and vision problems, the very symptoms Ms. Young reported. …

Ms. Young and her friends are now being told they need a high resolution scan of their lungs, brain, liver and kidneys.

“They’ve also told us that in five to 10 years — they don’t have a time frame, they’re just guessing,” she said, “that we could come down with some godawful form of cancer.”

Read the report here.

12 comments to MORE Gulf residents blood tests show ethylbenzene, xylene and high levels of hexane — “Told they need a hi-res scan of their lungs, brain, liver and kidneys”

  • How absolutely terrifying for all of these people. What truly annoys me in the bigger scheme of things is that different people, have different thresholds for exposure. I saw that first hand while active duty. And it seems that the ones who seem the least affected are used as examples to impugn the credibility of those who fall ill first.

    I also wonder, if the people working in the industry aren’t exposed to this stuff all the time, and how that affects their cognition? And how that also might affect their quality of work.

    The part about looking for a doctor is infuriating. That part of the story refers to the fact that BP has paid doctors and nurses to not see patients or diagnose patients with oil spill related chemical illnesses/exposure.

    That is why these people had to look for a doctor and a lab to do their, tests, diagnostics, and write ups. How screwed up is that?

    If that were me, the first thing I would do is write a letter of complaint to the local medical board. Any doctor or nurse who whores themselves out to that degree should loose their license to practice for life. There is absolutely no excuse for that kind of evil behavior.

  • There is no solution aside from abandoning the Southeast. No amount of investigative journalism and medical testing will stop these problems. BP and the US government don’t give a damn. The relief wells cannot stop the oil and methane from seeing through the floor. No matter what BP does re capping and relief wells C and D, there is no solution. BP opened the Pandora’s Box of environmental destruction.

    The only short term solution is to leave the exposed areas. All of our resources should be devoted to getting people put of the area. Something must be done to stop the spraying of Corexit, but that requires drastic actions on part of the populace. The EPA, protests and YouTube videos have not deterred BP. The only solution is something we would expect in a thriller or an action movie, but it seems like people would rather die from VOCs than take action. The military still finds meat to fight their wars. Too bad the same people who are willing to drop bombs on civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan and who are willing to die for the military industrial complex are not willing to do something about the evil scum that poisons the Gulf and may have caused a catastrophic event that will wipe out much of life on this planet.

    I am so sad and disillusioned. For the past four and a half months, the GoM disaster is one of the first thoughts in my head each morning and always my final thought before going to sleep. I don’t know what hurts more – the disaster itself or the population’s indifference to it.

    Please, if you are in the affected States, get out! Don’t worry about your house or your possessions. Talk to your friends and neighbors and make a plan to get out now before you can’t. When the majority of the population finally faces reality, it will be too late. The day the truth is revealed is the day the markets tank. Banks will go out of business overnight. Electronic commerce will be shut down and then no one will be able to leave the Gulf.

    This is the Shock Doctrine. A group of people will some scary views on eugenics are using this disaster to eliminate a big portion of the population.

  • premurderedGOM

    This will be put very simply. Americans live in a corporation.[look it up] The country is run like a big business. The President and Vice-President [lawyers] and congress [lawyers, businessmen,doctors] don’t care about the people [cue the gom ecocide, genocide] If you lived in Europe for example, you would be more self efficent and less prone to talk and worry about things you cannot change. Americans waste much of their lives. As Kelly stated in paragraph 4, time is running out. Don’t you see? Do yourself a favor and look up the fall of the Weimar republic. or the collapse of Argentina and WHO caused it. or the fall of the USSR and what happened to its people, then save yourself and know nothing can be changed. We are on a roller coaster to hell….

  • been there

    Here is a Center for Treatment in the Gulf, if you don’t want renal failure or cancer:

    I know most people don’t know what to do when they are sick!! You need to see a toxicologist.

  • Zac

    It would be helpful to know the blood concentrations of these chemicals of people in unaffected areas for comparison. Unfortunately, many of these volatile organic compound are present in the air and environment from vehicle exhaust (among other sources) so they may be found in detectable concentrations in blood even in places unaffected by the gulf oil spill.

  • If you are a Gulf Coast resident and need help evacuating, ask for help at the website above. If you live north and west of the Gulf Coast and can help a Gulf Coaster evacuate, please tell them at the website above.

  • wow, seriously? we do have a choice. if 2 dudes were caught poisoning 10,000 people, what do u think would happen? in u.s. 340 million against what – congress, that weirdo closet guy we call pres. this is stupid, we could have all the answers and properity over night. break the mind control people

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