MSNBC: “From oil plumes to dead zones in the Gulf” (VIDEO)

Gulf Beach Town Fights New Oil and Prays for More Fish, NRDC’s Rocky Kistner, March 25, 2011:

The BP oil disaster didn’t really go away, quipped Maddow, but  “morphed from oil plumes into dead zones.”

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3 comments to MSNBC: “From oil plumes to dead zones in the Gulf” (VIDEO)

  • Anthony

    That can’t be true because the great Czar Sir Feinberg said we will be fine after this year. Isn’t he multi-dimensional with different hats; a scientist, biologist, environmentalist, lawyer, pay czar, BP bed buddy, etc.
    What does Ms. Maddows know?
    (The stench of my sarcasm reeks)

  • Anthony

    For some reason I keep thinking about the story; The Boy Who Cried Wolf. That boy is our wonderful government and their dirty little officials. They are like the kid we all knew in school or the neighborhood who just couldn’t tell the truth. No matter the story or the evidence supporting it, we have the government or their little liar buddies; EPA, our rape-a-sentatives, etc denying what is so blatantly true.

  • Its me

    Well, the stuff they are spraying – corexit and whatever else might be in it – has disrupted the whole ecosystem in the gulf. Not good.

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