MSNBC: Seepage “could COLLAPSE the entire operation”; “Coast Guard not speaking” (VIDEO)

Oil Update, MSNBC, July 19, 2010 at 10:50 a.m. EST:

The Coast Guard is not speaking about [the seepage issue]… only issuing statements from retired admiral Thad Allen.

The last technical briefing we had from BP was on Sunday morning…

What we don’t know is where that seepage is coming from…

[The Coast Guard is] afraid that it could erode the surface of the seafloor — enough so it could collapse the entire operation.

3 comments to MSNBC: Seepage “could COLLAPSE the entire operation”; “Coast Guard not speaking” (VIDEO)

  • jec

    So..a seep near the BP oil spill well. Guess the strategy by BP is as long as the well cap and seafloor contain the oil and its not gushing–BP does not get fined by US govenment. With BP planning to kill the well in the next few weeks, it seems reasonable for BP to be “tossing the dice” pressure will not blow the well before the relief wells can pump in the mud/concrete. From containment of costs, this gamble may benefit BP –and as an ace in the hole..if the US government gets nervous–BP can ask for a reduction in fines or else! Kind of like playing “chicken” on a very slippery slope…

  • Lisa Burnett

    This isnt new news if you have been truly paying attention and listening to alternate media…even without the new cap on there HAD to be erosion going on beneath the seafloor.

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