“Mysterious” oil came from a “well-capping went out of control” says state official — Coast Guard and BOEMRE still not sure where it came from

Shallow Gulf well is source of mysterious oil sheen near Grand Isle, state official says, The Times-Picayune, March 22, 2011:

… Three discharges of oil from Anglo-Suisse Offshore Partners’ Platform E facility were reported to the Coast Guard, records show. The first came Friday, with a report of a “downed platform” and half a gallon of spilled crude during operations to plug and abandon the well. Another report Sunday said the same incident had spilled 1.33 gallons of oil. A third report on Monday of 1.89 gallons of spilled oil was classified by the Coast Guard as “operator error.”

“Well-capping went out of control,” the state official said. …

The Coast Guard, meanwhile, still isn’t ready to say where the spill originated. “We don’t have any report of it actually being identified,” said Coast Guard Petty Officer Steve Leeman. …

Michael Bromwich, director of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement, told reporters …”I think right now, it remains a mystery,”…

Read the report here.

24 comments to “Mysterious” oil came from a “well-capping went out of control” says state official — Coast Guard and BOEMRE still not sure where it came from

  • Jean

    These few gallons of oil caused a 100 mile sheen? I’m not a scientist, but that seems impossible to me.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    A few gallons does not create that big of a mess..Did this company also use corexit that peanut-butter substance that was mixed with this oil that they just found?

  • xdrfox

    There are numerous spills/fix’s being reported, If stories come out that they have found and fixed the leaks the people will forget about the REAL BIG GUSHER that may have caused this 100x 30 mile long mess ! Distractions. Have they fixed the big one or will it continue ? Or happen occasionally ?

  • xdrfox

    NASA/MODIS satellite image taken yesterday afternoon, from the Terra satellite.
    It shows what appears to be an extensive oil slick emanating from very near the location of the Lousiana Offshore Oil Port (LOOP).

    satilite photos

  • C.Dodds

    Is thhis or is this not related to Matt Simmons’ other BP well which we all heard so much about several months ago? Has anyone kept the records of his excellent research? I wish I had. If you have his documents etc. please send them to mainstream media. Perhaps they will listen now. Unfortunately Matt Simmons was found dead in his bath shortly after publishing it so it is not available through him anymore.

  • Slick Vick

    These retards are so dumb it makes me sick.. First off, Times-Picayune writes the article to IMPLY that “oh, someone already admitted to losing oil, so it came from there”.

    Secondly, who in the FUCK is going to report a gallon or a half gallon of oil and consider it to be “a well capping gone out of control”… Come the fuck on! Seriously?? I mean seriously?

    No oil company is going to report such a minute amount, regardless of what the standards are.. EPA and every other government agency is full of shit anyways and the oil companies know this, so why report a gallon or two?? A gallon or two of crude is not even acknowledgeable in the ocean..

    What would/should be acknowledgeable, is a compromised sea floor, sunken oil which has been churned up, or millions of gallons of fresh oil (as described by firsthand witnesses to this new slick)…

    Don’t believe the news, don’t believe the BS.. And PLEASE, would some of you from LA. coast PLEASE send in a video or an article on your thoughts on this?? More corexit spraying? ANY corexit spraying?? Your voice still matters, don’t give up now.

  • ivanthedestroyer77

    Obviously, this is the deep water horizon. Simmons was right.

  • xdrfox

    I was the first to put link to them on beforitsnews were I put my stories, I took them down for room but all his videos can be found on UTUBE, just type Matt Simmon they should pop up and you can catch them on whatever recorder you have on-board your putter. I Burned them to a disk with other inf.

  • xdrfox

    No these folks at that site news is pointing to a different possible problem, But most of us here know the bigger problem is still out there plus the cracked seabed.

  • Swindon1

    Matt Simmons actually left his very successful energy investment company so he could speak out without damaging the company. He was indeed right, and spoke strongly about it. He was a well known figure and author of “Twilight in the Desert”, about peak oil. It is worth going back and listening to his interviews.

  • soozla

    ummmmmm..Matt wasn’t/isn’t the only person trying to have a word or two on the matter….like moi ..lol

    ..also maybe ..Mr. Simmons…and I say this with great respect..he should have given up the coords.. he lost his life anyway.

  • monkey99

    rov watchers will recognize the “snow storms” here as frozen methane hydrates.


    this person has done extensive watching and recording of methane hydrate storms and leaks from the BP DWH disaster, some of them rather recent. scroll down and “load more” about three times. put your parka on or your brain might freeze a little…….


  • Slick Vick




  • xdrfox

    He’s in good company !

    : )

  • xdrfox

    You do not hear about readings of methane in the air, this stuff comes to the surface in time and takes the place of oxygen, so when folks have days were breathing may be hard to get enough air, it’s because more methane is in the air then normal. No Gov. monitoring after all these things were spoke about in the beginning. $$$$hush$$$$

    We have no Civil Defense, CDC, FDA for the people.

  • soozla

    Nope ..no EPA,CDC, FDA, NOAA. Corp of Engineers, National Guard, Coast Guard, Army Navy, Air Force or Marines, no executive, legislative or judiciary branch of the government…
    ..there is no one to offer succor to the people…
    ..no one to lead the people through the suffering..
    ..this is a very tough fact for us to take…for us here in the know..
    ..but to know that most of the people do not understand and that they will suffer in innocence..
    ..it’s damn near unbearable.

  • Jean

    I’ve completely lost trust in our federal government. And the state government, at least in Florida, has been just as useless. DEP can’t find oil or dispersant in their samples; Dept. of Health says beaches are safe if tarballs can be “easily avoided”. The state recon photos clearly show oil and dispersant offshore last summer, yet nothing was done to protect the health of residents and visitors.

  • xdrfox

    EPA took down the interactive radiation data in real time page and replaced with a written report updates.

    Remember when they stopped reporting the levels of VOC’s in the Gulf after they went off the charts ?

  • soozla

    It’s going to take courage … a lot of it… to stand up for the rights of the people..and faith.

  • Slick Vick

    Thanks, moderator, for re-posting my comment after I complained.. 🙂

  • xdrfox

    It’s back up ??

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