(*Updated with Enhanced Video) — “Mystery ‘bursts’ near sea floor filmed by ROV on Monday at 4:45am”

Enhanced Version (Original post below video):

Live feed from Boa Deep C — ROV 2, July 19, 2010 at 04:40 EDT:

ROV appears to be nearly still. No other ROV lights appear in the area.

Bursts start at 20 seconds into video.

More at 3:15 in, 4:40 in, 8:20 in, 9:45 in, 10:20 in.

If your monitor is dark, there could be problems seeing.

15 comments to (*Updated with Enhanced Video) — “Mystery ‘bursts’ near sea floor filmed by ROV on Monday at 4:45am”

  • I was watching ROV cameras yesterday afternoon and seeing similar “bursts” where very fast-moving debris clouds completely obscured the view.

  • sci

    so, not to spread fear or anything, but in the event that the gulf floor is cracked and starts to leak more methane, we’ve got a BIG problem… think global extinction of nearly everything that lives. Again, I don’t intend to cause fear, but the consequences are being underestimated far too much.

  • “think global extinction of nearly everything that lives. ”

    There is a fundamental misunderstanding in your comment. Methane is the lightest fraction of the oil/gas mixture coming off this well. There has always been methane present in the well flow.

    That’s completely different from the concerns about a potential huge bubble of methane. If BP was going to hit such a methane bubble it would have already hit it when originally drilling down.

  • uh oh

    Hasn’t there already been leaks if the oil coming out of the supposed hole looked weak enough for fish to swim through. Suffice to say that capping an outlet would put more pressure on the true leak far below to find bigger passage. What has me worried is that this all looks as if done intentional. The nay sayers keep trying to explain everything away but come on, insider trading, dumping stocks just before. Explain that. What we need to know is how much methane and oil is down there and at what depth. BP is saying it si not much because pressure drop is due to much of the oil already leaking out. But before they claimed the site was an enormous find. If indeed this abiotic then that floor is going to give and at minimum the gulf is going to be black, yellow, and red with alot of explosive gases that can be ignited in numerous ways.

  • Yesterday the ROV’s were looking at cracks in the seabed first. Later on in the day it looked like there was a lot of silt/oil entering the water along with methane hydrate “rain” falling to the seafloor.

    By evening the ROVs had been around or through the stream of whatever it is several times and the flow looked pretty steady.

    A lot of the difficulty seeing what was going on was due to camera focus and color. BUt when the ROV camera was looking toward the yellow “drum” kind of thing there was the best opportunity to see what was happening as it gave a reference point.

    Several times there was so much stuff in the water that it totally obscured the yellow drum.

  • Emery

    Maybe Im a pessimist but it appears to me that BP is trying to blow up this well and make the situation worse…..

  • Lisa Burnett

    There was a 60 Minutes interview with a man that was on the Deepwater when it exploded. He explained that they first tried to drill the well 5-6 miles away and got wayyy down and then had to stop..they moved the rig and began drilling again. What if they blew the first rig and Deepwater was its RELIEF well? they say the new seepage is 4-5 miles away and its at the exact location of their previous drill…just a thought.. and I think we are totally doomed. I wouldnt be anywhere down there…

  • OX

    This is nothing as was monitoring a wall of video feed between 11:00 PM and 1:37 AM. The explosions were massive and the ROV shut down. Then went elsewhere, down the road, and was faced with a Green Frame the size of a train car held by two horizontal cables, and a series of explosions took place that shock it like a rag doll. It became a tornado of gas explosions; very little oil seen all night, and the big one came at 1:27 AM that took that huge Green Steel Frame and threw it in the air like a rag doll. It was time to go as saw a tornado of methane gas exploded everywhere.

  • Brian David

    can I borrow a lawnmower, box of 5/16″ staples, an electric blow dryer and a can of tuna in oil from someone. Always remember the 11th commandment, ” Cover Thine Own Ass.” Thank you for your time and consideration.

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