Navy suspended exercises over Gulf after consulting with doctor about how “bad” the situation is in the water (VIDEO)

Riki Ott at Orange Beach Public Health Forum, Glynn Wilson, October 11, 2010:

A Public Health Forum on the Gulf Coast featuring Dr. Riki Ott in Orange Beach, Alabama. Copyright Glynn Wilson, The Locust Fork News-Journal, LocustFork.Net.

Transcript Summary

Dr. Harbut [Dr. Michael Harbut, Professor of Medicine, Wayne State University] spoke with the Navy. Navy asked about training exercises over Gulf with risk of somebody going down into water… should we consider suspending training? Navy then suspended exercises over Gulf.

23 comments to Navy suspended exercises over Gulf after consulting with doctor about how “bad” the situation is in the water (VIDEO)

  • albert trimble

    Thank you for this video. I wish there were more people like Dr. Ott. Maybe if enough people start to push back, the government will have to do something.

    Do people here think the oil well is really stopped? Is there any evidence that it continues to spew oil into the Gulf? I can’t believe anything BP or the CG says, so am wonndering what informed people think.

  • premurderedGOM

    You want to be informed of the truth concering the GOM? Find EVERYTHING regarding Matt Simmons. This man was murdered for the truth.

  • premurderedGOM

    The military relocated all seabased training way back in the summer…

  • MrMister

    Systemic bacterial infections

  • gyigyi

    even if they reduced the flow, there were videos of cracks in the seabed. The fact that they are STILL dumping toxic dispersant tells me new oil needs dispersed. FKN BRITS AND THEIR HUMPTY DUMPTY LYING BLACKFACE LYING LIAR FAKE MASON WANNABE ANTICHRIST SCUM LIELIELIE PREZ

  • ann

    Uh oh, truth rising fast. Lots of very interesting oil stories at Activist post is awesome also. Happy hunting for the real TRUTH. blessings, ann

  • john connor


    F****** Brits??? you muppet…I’m a Brit married to a Yank living back in the Uk now..WE are in the same shit you are you fool..WE are all being ruled by a Corporate Elite NWO..WAKE the F*** UP..USA is going to crash and take every other ecconomy with it.

  • John Connor is so right.
    It amazes me how stupid some people are .
    The whole world is suffering under corrupt governments interference in our lives.
    I live in the uk .
    I would remind people like gyigyi that almost always its the ordinary people who pay for the crimes commited by our ‘leaders'(?) while they continue regardless.

  • A lot of disinfo is being put out there, here is solid proof that 1 prominent Media Mogul has a vested interest in spreading disinformation in regard to the Oil Disaster in the Gulf

  • italo

    an ocean engineering mate of mine broke it all down into laymen terms as i call them, imagine if einstein tested the first nuclear bomb prototype for hitler in germany instead of ensuring the new technology and material was safely handled and used. well deep sea drilling sounds fancy horizontal this or that but in laymen’s terms its tampering with a known layer of the earth and basically invites any response i mean you dont need a high school diploma to understand the importance of heat – convection etc. as it applies to the planet we inhabit meaning poking holes into the magma of the earth just doesn’t sound like a good idea even if there are massive pockets of oils, precious chemicals and metals whatever the F is down there, i mean where the hell is jacques cousteau !!! remember hte good old days respect the ocean explore but don’t destroy i mean as proud of my naval career as short as it was i am ashamed of the us navy polluting and damaging the very sea it was born upon what a tragedy

    i have been ranting a while oops anyone still reading my apologize my kidsd are still up so killing time cheers

  • Gary

    Damm! even our naval left us, why? Will they sink? will they die of Corexit?
    Who gives a fuc because they are not shooting down the BP planes.
    Our navy like our government has left
    People of the Gulf War II need to leave
    You are being genocided
    RETIRED Thad Alvin the chipmuck is a traitor to the US, he’s retired FUCK HIM.
    FUCK BP they are not US, Hayworth is not a US citizen, label him a terrorist and oilboard the little curly headed fucken British bastard.
    The war of 1814 has not ended, the queeen-BP-Britain still owns us and just got a 9 month extermination jump
    BP pretty yellow and green should be Red, White & Blue

  • Chelsea

    @Gary – The Navy left the GOM because our military elite are stretched thin as it is with us being in Iraq and Afganistan. Instead of putting what we have out in possibly contaminated/fatal waters, they’ve pulled out to remain healthy enough to continue to protect our country in any way they can.

    Dude, you seriously need to take a chill pill. Your constant use of the f-word and your terrible grammar is making us all look like a bunch of morons.

  • i am soo confused, like we’re supposed to be. fake alien invasions, the MSM pushing ufO’s, gulf spill went away but they still spray corexit and have secrets all over the place, fake alternative media personalities helping confuse the public, chemtrails – wtf? morgellons, again, wtf? poisons in food, fluoride in water, vaccines – swine flu lie to get me to take the shot. the racket of govt, wars everywhere, because of bin laden? obama is gay and a CIA/ DSS (social services) protege. everything going on in world and all MSM play same 5 things, blackout is obvious. lies about the unemployement rate, why jobs are gone anyway – nafta. mind control proof, between TV and Gwen towers, elf waves, pharma, etc. people hate u for bringing any of this stuff up, i’m telling you, this place is crazy. we’re being poisoned, enslaved, lied to, baby’s stolen, being done wrong in every way, and the people being thrown some nuts get mad at anyone talking about the evil zoo keepers. if we ever have a revamp of this hell hole, those kind of people, the ones that went along with it, need to be addressed as much as the ones doing it. how can these people ever be trusted, they are only rockefellers waiting in the wind, to be (walk-in) to I guess. don’t know what walk-in is, look it up. al rich and scientists claim to have had this done. hmmm, wtf? are we crazy for sitting around and listening to these people, and go to these stupid jobs, suffer under debt, dream of nothing. it is us that is in the right, not them, or the apathetic citizens that stay obedient and help push this nightmare on the rest of us. let’s start talking in person too, and get off of this NSA/ technological wija-board.

  • Patrick

    October 13, 2010 at 11:23 pm

    Damm! even our naval left us, why? Will they sink? will they die of Corexit?

    You are being genocided

  • You will understand the BP oil atrocity if you read the first section of
    Then, I hope you will continue to read the rest of the edition.

    Thank you.



  • premurderedGOM,

    Checkout on what’s happening in the military. There were 4 high alerts, I believe on Tuesday; you need to see them. Things happen so quickly.

  • Alex

    biscuitandbutter don’t believe half of those so called alerts at stevequayle’s site without doing a little research. Since the Y2K thing didn’t pan out he has’nt stopped trying and I give him credit for that, still hasn’t gotten 1 right though. Wait and see if any of that stuff happens, so far that blind squirrel hasn’t found a nut.
    It’s still a useful site for the links and info about “Giants”. Just know there is an agenda there, primarily to sell gold coins and such.

  • Alex,

    What’s your agenda? I didn’t pay attention to the Y2 thing, so I’m not angry about it. No grudge there. As far as “wait to see” you can stop waiting on some of it right now! It has happened.

    And, I don’t care what the site advertises and sells. It’s a free country, and gold and silver are legal. If you had a decent site, you’d have products for sale as well.

    As for giants, I don’t give-a-hoot about them. I read a lot of the information on, and I love it.

    By the way, are you aware of the latest on North and South Korea….

  • Alex,

    You sound like a twit. I’ve been reading the articles on for years.
    You need not try to suggest that the reading material is less than suitable.

    Everyone has the right to practice their own religion, so stop leaning on it. And, please finish your pablum.

  • realnewsdm

    Is it over?
    I really don’t think so,
    The fact that BP declared a spill makes me believe that was/is so great that they could not lie about it, the fact that they r using private contractors to continue with the dispersants also brings up some very good questions.
    One thing that is for sure, it is not safe down their, and to expect any help from BP or Government will result in certain loss of life and health.
    The issue of clean up should be separated from the issue of life and health as one can not trust BP or the Government with any of the above, certainly not with your health!!
    Be safe, be informed, be active!!
    Good luck to US all.

  • bruce

    all of you need to clue in. hang every fucking one of them starting with lawyers and work your way up from there (politics, corp. heads etc). oh yeah, and nuke israel.

  • bruce

    or maybe you could vote all your problems away ! 🙂

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