New Orleans toxicologist warns about seafood, urges family members not to eat it — Only 8 ounces of fish tested to open 10,000 square miles

Safety of Gulf seafood debated 8 months after BP oil spill, Times-Picayune, December 19, 2010:

“Since the spill I haven’t eaten the seafood and I’ve urged my children not to eat it or feed it to my grandchildren,” said [Patricia Williams, a New Orleans, LA based toxicologist], who teaches at UNO and is on retainer for plaintiffs suing BP. “I consider it too risky.” …

[A] half-pound of fish from the 5,000-plus square miles of Barataria Basin; likewise for the 10,000-square mile Pontchartrain Basin. …

“Are you telling me that we’re saying all the shrimp from Barataria Basin is safe because a half-pound was collected one time that month from one spot?” [Williams said]…

“Everyone else [not in the 176 pounds weight group] should be warned, they are not protected by this process,” she said. “That’s what I tell my family. That’s why — even thought I love our seafood, I haven’t been eating it, and I urge my family not to eat it, either.”

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