Official: “We will NEVER get all of the oil off the beach, that’s just something we have to come to grips with” (VIDEO)

Public hearing in Orange Beach allows public to give input, WKRG, November 08, 2010:

Transcript Excerpts

One said, “I’ve seen a lot of people leave town. Our little community is diminishing.” …

[P]eople are worried about their health, and how much longer oil will keep rolling up on the beach, like new tar balls found on the shores of Orange Beach Monday.

A resident said, “I think that part of it might be to educate the medical community here, and the community, on what kind of testing there is, to see what’s happened, and also, to encourage that for people who have been exposed.”

Another person asked, “Can anyone explain in layman’s terms what we’re looking at in the next year, two years, three years?”

[Orange Beach Mayor Tony Kennon] said, “We will never get all of the oil off the beach. That’s just something we have to come to grips with.” News

3 comments to Official: “We will NEVER get all of the oil off the beach, that’s just something we have to come to grips with” (VIDEO)

  • Our government did not even hold BP to task and demand that they finish the job. So if the oil lasts for years and years, it is our government’s fault, there were no checks and balances here.

  • xdrfox

    Did you see any on Wall Street ? Banksters ? I could keep adding them up over the last ten years alone but I would get so tired of typing. : /

  • jerry

    Oil Oil in Free…remember playing that as a child? Such great big fun.

    But this BP OIL DISASTER isn’t as fun…oil, oil everywhere and not a drop to drink. Write your congress critter…only MASSIVE outpourings of dissatisfaction will convince our duly elected congress critters will bring this BP OIL DISASTER to a proper accounting!!!

    I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take this anymore! Congress critter…be warned…we’re gonna march and march…just like McNamara’s Band…’n’ I’m gonna be the Drum Major…and we be mad as hell, and we’re not gonna take this any more!!!

    Oil…Oil…EVERYWHERE…and not a drop to drink!


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