New York Times article shows why public might want to think twice before trusting the E.P.A.

Politics Seen to Limit E.P.A. in Regulation of Natural Gas, Ian Urbina for the New York Times, March 3, 2011:

Example #1

“It was like the science didn’t matter,” Carla Greathouse, the author of the [E.P.A. study on oil and gas drilling waste], said in a recent interview. “The industry was going to get what it wanted, and we were not supposed to stand in the way.” …

Example #2

Asked why the letter about hydrofracking in the New York City watershed had been revised, an [E.P.A.] scientist who was involved in writing it offered a one-word explanation: “politics.” …

Example #3

An early draft of the study discussed potentially dangerous levels of contamination in hydrofracking fluids and mentioned “possible evidence” of contamination of an aquifer. The final version of the report excluded these points, concluding instead that hydrofracking “poses little or no threat to drinking water.” …

“It was shameful,” Weston Wilson, the E.P.A. whistleblower, said in a recent interview about the study. He explained that five of the seven members of that study’s peer review panel were current or former employees of the oil and gas industry. …

Example #4

[Recently] scientists and lawyers said that high-level [E.P.A.] officials in Washington had made it clear in meetings that some of the resistance to more rigorous enforcement was also coming from members of the environmental and energy staff at the White House.

Read many more example in the report here.

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16 comments to New York Times article shows why public might want to think twice before trusting the E.P.A.

  • When I read this article, it reminded me of the Spring Celebration Day we celebrated in elementary school. We did a May Pole Dance — all of us holding on to a ribbon, all of which originated from the top of the May Pole and reached to the ground.

    We moved in a cirle around the May Pole, dancing, dipping low and reaching high, expressing ‘glad tidings’ for the arrival of spring, but especially for the end of winter. It was a happy occasion and it felt good.

    If you believe EPA you’re gonna get a rude awakening. Just as I did after our annual May Pole Celebrations: Many farmers were too poor to plant new crops, or feed their cattle, pigs and chickens… The people could not have paid for the product if the farmers could have grown the vegetables and fruit.

    EPA is like that; their words are like wisps of the breeze as it gently passes over our rosy cheeks, feeling good… Yet, the dark clouds of truth are gathering in a sequence of both hope and delusion.

    We are doing our dips-and-lifts to the beat of a schizophrenic composition, and
    many will believe the music and hear it even after the band has gone home.

    The White House is in possession of a very stout May Pole.

  • soozla

    The people must not lose clear sight of liberty and the freedoms.. so given this country under God.

  • Jean

    I don’t have to think twice, or even once, it has become an automatic reaction not to trust anything a federal agency says.


    They are planning to slash funding for even the present semblance of EPA pollution controls…BUT DON’T WORRY, Congress won’t even trim the Defense Budget or the Billion$ in subsidies and bailouts to private corporate interests! (this is Unconstitutional, by the way)

  • EPA is a lifeless piece of expensive garbage. We maintain it in expensive buildings and transport its top-for-sale miscreants in limosines and personal jets.

    We open our purse each payday allowing the skeletal fingers to reach in and take what is ours — leaving us bereft as we limp along the store aisles with insufficient funds to provide food for our families — or to meet our medical needs.

    In the meanwhile, we are poisoned with Rx drugs, flouridated water, chemtrails, VOC’s and PAH, medicines, mercury… food modified with terminal seeds, aspartame, radiation, modified corn starch….

    Get rid of the EPA before it gets rid of us! We can’t afford them and they ignore what is killing us.

  • Dixie

    It seems all agencies that were created to “protect the citizens” tow the line of the global elites. We are nothing but cattle. I would have never have thought this years ago. But doing research and seeing how things apply in real life has taught me differently. It is hard to realize how much you have been lied to much less get out of that comfort zone. I wish I could get back to that comfort zone but I can’t. You know the one “ignorance is bliss”. Just can’t do it. With this said my prayers are with my fellow Southerners on the Gulf. May the good Lord be with you. You are never out of my thoughts and prayers!

  • Dixie


    You have done your research. This is what we all need to do. QUESTION and demand answers. We are NOT getting answers. Darkness hates the light. It is up to ALL of use to DEMAND answers! Our fellow AMERICANS are being poisoned and being neglected! Time to make a stand people and get out of the comfort zone. Actually there is no comfort zone unless the powers that be ALLOW IT! How sad that we have allowed this to happen.

  • xdrfox

    The data being released, which was collected by the NASA missions to the Gulf, shows that the toxic compounds released from the BP spill became airborne, and significant quantities were brought onshore by precipitation, thereby exposing coastal populations to chemical poisoning. This represents something new and unique not observed in previous oil spills. It helps explain why there were numerous reports by people living along the Gulf Coast that it was raining oil and dispersant during the summer months. …
    Plants are Showing Us There Is Something in The Rain. (Pictures)
    on Monday, October 11, 2010 …

    IL: I think it is important to establish for the record that the unique aspect of this [BP blowout] is that the volatiles were continuous, it was not a one-day exposure. The chronic nature of the spill and the therefore chronic nature of its health impact is a pretty unique aspect of this event. The reason I think it’s important to call it unique is that it gives a way to explain why various government agencies using protocols developed for a single coast spill didn’t get it right because it’s not the same. I think it’s important to give the people we really want to take responsibility a way of saying ah, yes, you’re right and jump on the bandwagon with us. We need NIH to fund a 50 to 60 million dollar study because this is something that had never happened before.
    The data we collected in the atmosphere shows a very high hydrocarbon load and we were able to identify more than 100 compounds in it. Many of them have health implications. There were large amounts of them and they have similarities to gasoline. In that regard the modeling I did seems to suggest that there are reasons for concern. There are reasons to do additional research.

  • I wonder what those who live within a block of a gas station would have to say about this article.

    Surely they are unique as well.

  • Oops! I meant to say xdrfox’s article, “Nasa Data Strengthens… “]

  • soozla

    It took NASA to confirm that toxins are released in the burning process of hydrocarbons?…LATE!
    No warning from NASA..and since they can see these things… they ought to tell us whether they are burning it NOW. And while… we have the ever so concerned and helpful NASA around…how about an answer for this…?

  • xdrfox

    I went to some satellite site a while back and there were shots at evening of these fires and were seemed to be a hundred or more burning in the gulf, small ones large ones and so on, showed the veracity of efforts, but us folks inland, Now we have had fires on land this past week or so, burning woodlands that have been soaked with chemicals from fallout from oil burns, chemicals rains, morning and evening dews from the gulf for 10 months are burning over 18,000 acres with this smoke covering populated areas, … Video… … I my self have had three sore throats in 10 days each time after being in air that I can smell smoke, they have warned of possible health affects of woods burning but wonder if anyone has considered the chemicals that have laced these areas are also burning being put into the air for all to breath down wind or in the fogs that have been shutting down major highways and freeways repeatedly ? … State of emergency in Florida’s wildfires …
    could be seen by a NASA satellite that captured images of dense smoke clouds that stretched as far as 70 miles west through Orlando and north toward Daytona Beach. … … Makes one wonder, Has anyone been checking the air and it’s properties ??

  • soozla

    It is speculated that after dumping dispersant upriver from the gulf..they go back in and fire two-part incindiaries to burn the evidence of the deaths of the fresh water animals..some of these fires may be getting out of hand.

    This is from a Jan 29,201l..the fires have been going on for awhile now….
    What is interesting ..the little fires are indicated..the big fires in the center aren’t.

  • xdrfox

    One would assume the photo was taken for a purpose of tracking with something in mind, But there were no big fires here at that time, and definitely no lighting strikes !

  • Ann

    EPA, like other federal agencies, are the puppets of industry. But, all this can easily solved if we’d quit voting for congress-people and presidential candidates who receive campaign contributions from industry. And, there were individuals who ran for office who did just that, but they failed to gather significant attention. So, we end up voting for Obama, Bush et al. run-of-mill candidates and politicians and life continues as it has on a downhill slope.

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