Newswire: Dispersants Used by BP in Gulf Linked to Cancer — “Illnesses we observed were quite unique and different from anything that I had ever witnessed” says doc

Dispersants Used in BP Gulf Oil Spill Linked to Cancer, ENS, August 26, 2011:

Five of the 57 ingredients in dispersants approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for use on oil spills are linked to cancer, finds a new research report based on data obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request by environmental groups on the Gulf of Mexico. […]

Two oil dispersant products were used heavily in the BP oil leak: COREXIT 9500 and 9527, both produced by Nalco/Exxon. BP used over 1.8 million gallons of dispersant during the three-month long oil leak that gushed 4.9 million barrels of crude oil from the Macondo well located about 40 miles southeast of the Louisiana coast. […]

Gulf residents continue to suffer health effects related to the disaster clean-up. “The illnesses we observed were quite unique and different from anything that I had ever witnessed before,” said Dr. Michael Robichaux, a physician in Raceland, Louisiana. […]

Report: “The Chaos of Clean-Up: Analysis of Potential Health and Environmental Impacts of Chemicals in Dispersant Products”

9 comments to Newswire: Dispersants Used by BP in Gulf Linked to Cancer — “Illnesses we observed were quite unique and different from anything that I had ever witnessed” says doc

  • Florida Knows

    Very bad news for the gulf coast residents who thought their health problems would just go away!

  • May be also for anyone who have been eating the seafood from the gulf, we know the sealife has been having many problems from information that has been published here and elsewhere !

  • theypoisonus

    The masses have forgotten the gulf.
    They have moved on and believe the MSM and the millions, if not billions that BP has pumped into advertising to cleanse their image.

    Time will tell the tale. You can’t do the kind of damage to the GOM and the peoples of the coastal south and get by with it forever.

    We must remain diligent and watch their every move.
    Someone spoke of Coast Guard complicity.
    I don’t know if it is blatant. They have to answer to the same govt. that all other agencies do. 🙁

    The US and the KS are definately in alliance as they in what is happening in Japan which is being ‘kept under wraps’ with mass black out of national news.

  • Great article more of these please COREXIT is in air ,rain,falls on crops this will happen for long long time as gulf stirs,Hard to believe anyone with any comunnication research abilities and internet service of any kind stayed in gulf region for any reason other than wish to be sick

  • Florida Knows

    Absolutely no coverage on news about Corexit still being used, its dangers, and why it is not banned when we are supposed to care about clean air! Who allows the spraying to continue? Who is responsible for spraying? These innocent residents were told all is well so they have no knowledge of the dangerous air they are breathing. Nor do they know oil is still leaking. What has happened to their sense of smell?

  • theypoisonus
    August 30, 2011 at 10:20 am
    Registered Nurse, the true break down the the EPA mumbo jumbo of how much seafood a day is ‘safe’ to eat.

    hint…. almost none.

    so many people will not see this.
    so many people have been eating this.
    so many more people are going to die.
    so many people ((

  • Nobody

    Attention Sheeple! This is your wake up call. The elections are fake. The Democrats and Republicans are the same group of criminals who now with the fake elections have total control and can do whatever they want. And they want you DEAD! Too many people to continue lying too and fooling. Too many people are figuring out that the THREE WTC building collapses on 9-11 were controlled demolitions, which kind of messes up the rest of their bogus BS story. A little late to wake up now – especially when a few years ago YOU SUPPORTED THEM!

  • beachbum

    You’ve heard me reference a story similar to this one, but this is new I now write. I was speaking to a friend girl in Panama City Beach two days ago. She was telling me about her son, who went swimming there. He broke out is lesions on his legs. It seemed he couldn’t hardly get rid of them. Had everybody in a panic. I will call her again and get her to revisit her story and get better details. She may even come her and share it.
    Peace out!

  • beachbum

    I have an internet article with pics dated July 23 showing fish with sores and crabs with holes in their shells, both still alive. This was in the Pensacola/Panama City Beach area.
    Eating seafood along the Gulf Coast has become a thing of the past for me.
    Peace out!

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