Husband and wife “sprayed” while sleeping on boat… woke up SOAKING WET; Sores, BP crud — Under investigation by Feds (VIDEO)

Interview with Karen Hopkins (Manager of Dean Blanchard’s Seafood, Grand Isle, LA’s largest seafood processor), GRC Radio (South Carolina), September 29, 2010:

6 comments to Husband and wife “sprayed” while sleeping on boat… woke up SOAKING WET; Sores, BP crud — Under investigation by Feds (VIDEO)

  • Let me help. My airways are available to anyone concerned about this disaster and genocide. We are world wide. 1877 342 6673. noon to 2 pm mountain time. I cover this daily.

  • Canuck

    :`( they’re walking dead. Come on America, stand up!! Quit letting them do this to you!!

  • premurderedGOM

    These Americans are finished. They watch their children’s future be stolen and their country be raped and pillaged by madmen. Reminds me of the Holocaust victims. Sheep going to slaughter…

  • premurderedGOM,

    You said, [“… “Reminds me of the Holocaust victims. Sheep going to slaughter…”]

    Not yet. The greatest danger will be when the coveted areas are deemed unsafe. That is, when the powers that be decide *it’s time*, and the people will be gathered and transported to the FEMA Camps, Concentration Camps, Relocation Centers, Reducation Centers, gulags — whatever they are or will be called.

    No sensible person will allow that to happen if they can afford to leave before Martial Law and/or mandatory evacuation. This will be the time when your destiny will have been already settled, and the red or blue logo on the vehicle is clear: Red is death and Blue signifies labor. One or the other will describe your destiny.

    You will be encouraged to climb aboard the truck, train, or whatever has been officially selected for you, and you will be transported to your fate.

    On the other hand, if you do take your leave independently, you may not ever return; not if the government wants that land: If he government wants the land, it is because they have the technology to restore the water and land to a pristine condition.

  • I must be jaded! I watched the 14.13 video on YouTube (1st 3+ mins useless) and I’m concerned that Karen may be mistaken.

    I wouldn’t trust those two anonymous NOAA fellas at all. I think they *may* have sleazed the peoples well-intentioned representative. Karen was so impressed with the two that she trusted them enough to invite them to join the local people at a community picnic, where all would share their experiences and health issues with the two trusted fellas.

    From what I understood, the specimens the two people gathered from their boat to be tested — a piece of rope and flag — was handed over to the NOAA fellas.

    So there you have it; a government agency has the specimens to prove BP liability in the dispersant spray and the total trust of the people — because Karen deems them worthy.

    Karen may be right, but good grief, the people need more than a good feeling to put their trust in a government agency: NOAA’s daddy has a huge whip and will use it if their fellas don’t tow-the-line.

    IMHO, it would have been wiser to place their trust and specimens in the care of the best lawyers — yes, lawyers, that money can buy. There must be a few who have demonstrated their honesty and love for the people they have live around.

    The old-timers could tell you who they are.

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