NOAA analyst thinks BP “has learned their lesson”

Six months later, what did we learn from the oil disaster in the Gulf?, CNN, October 19, 2010:

It was May when a fishing boat carrying Ed Overton and other scientists pulled away from what would become the largest accidental oil spill in history. The ocean was soupy and brown. The air tasted like gas. Some reporters looked green in the face. The oil stretched nearly from horizon to horizon.

Overton, sitting on a beanbag in the back of the boat, was upset. … But, even then, Overton saw a sparkle in the muck:

Maybe we all will learn something from this experience, he said. …

“It’s a staggering amount of money that this thing is going to end up costing BP,” he said, “so I think everybody has learned their lesson pretty strongly.”

‘Slime highway’ of BP oil suspected on Gulf floor, MSNBC, September 13, 2010:

Ed Overton, a Louisiana State University chemist who has analyzed the spill for NOAA…

5 comments to NOAA analyst thinks BP “has learned their lesson”

  • Chelsea

    And it looks like this is also the official marking of no more ROV footage? The scripting on the ROV page for each little box to be embedded players is gone, and every one of them is black. Click to make them bigger, still black. If that’s the case, now we’re really “left in the dark”.

  • Betsy S.

    I don’t think BP gives a sh!t whatsoever….

    This is when you realize that “corporate personhood” does not mean a living, breathing human being with a conscience.

  • Albert Trimble

    Yes, they have learned the lesson to start the cover-up more quickly and to control the media and press more fully; to be more repressive and hire better thugs to keep people away. They have learned that the U.S. Government agencies are toothless and spineless and they have learned that they can do whatever they want.

  • Dixie

    Oh I needed a good laugh.Anyone with a brain can see what is going on. It is really interesting, the more time you spend research and reading the easier it is to see the lies and deception. It has become totally blatant!

  • D. Thomas

    BP learned two things- there are no walruses in the Gulf of Mexico- and Corporate American Government is alive and well [blown well and all].

    That is a CNN par-for-the-course- typical corporate media report… it belongs in the funny papers!

    If independent audits of BOPs are like the independent tests for water and fish… we’re screwed. NRDC says energy addiction is the root of the problem- the problem is Corporate greed. Fact: BP broke many safety rules and GOV continues to let them break rules. Corporate Government is the root of evil here.

    NRDC blames consumer “junkies”, not the pushers (oil/energy co.). Yes, we need energy and their business it to supply it, but not at the expense of lives and the environment. Yes, we all need to cut back- but give us clean energy! We have excellent technology for wind and solar… no pusher of junk oil, no oil junkie. Pushers need junkies to keep coming back for more- they aren’t excused for killing and robbing a drug store to supply their junkies. Clean energy means the oil giants aren’t needed as much; it’s just like the light-bulb that lasts 109 years.

    American Petroleum Institute {lobbyist) -LMAO, interview oil lobbyist for a corp-media report. API says it was a “freak occurrence… will never happen again”. BP and big oil have learned nothing if they still believe it’s “unlikely” to happen again. They didn’t think it would happen before DWH, but it did… it will again unless we make a stand.

    Dems or Republicans- all the same Corporate GOV to me. Nothing has changed in 50 years except is has gotten worse. It started when JFK was killed- LBJ & KBR aka Halliburton (Viet Nam has oil ummm)… now it’s BP and GOV.
    Matt Simmons “accidentally” drowned in his hot tub. As for JFK, the fatal shot came from the front! (from the storm drain, maybe- his head went back and to the left, definitely). Coincidence or conspiracy, you decide:

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