NOAA, Coast Guard admit “underwater oil found off Florida coast” (VIDEO)

Excerpts from Underwater oil found off Florida coast, WALA-TV FOX 10, September 3, 2010:

Rush Transcript

Thursday, the Coast Guard says two areas in Escambia County Florida have tested positive for underwater oil. …

“Right now, the shoreline areas are being cleaned by shoreline clean up assessment teams. They are working diligently to clean those beaches,” said Coast Guard Lt. John Garr. …

“We do sometimes find there to be oil is right off sandy beaches, where oil can come in and pick up sand on the beach when it strands and move a little bit offshore into subtidal areas nearshore,” said National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration marine biologist Ruth Yender.

Of the more than 5,000 tests conducted, the two cases in Pensacola are the only areas where crews have found underwater oil. … Coast Guard leaders say they hope to have testing completed by October. … [I]n Florida, testing just started. [5,000 tests conducted?]

Read the report here.

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