NOAA finds “NO VISIBLE OIL” in any samples of sea floor from “areas around the site” of BP’s blow-out

NOAA says sediment on Gulf floor not visibly oiled, Associated Press, September 30, 2010:


“At this point, we haven’t seen any oiled sediments,” said Janet Baran, a scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration coordinating efforts to find what oil is left in the Gulf of Mexico. “All the sediments we have taken have no visible oil on them.”

Baran said crews have taken about 114 sediment samples in waters more than 3 miles offshore, including areas around the site of the BP PLC well.

No visible oil on the seafloor? See:

  1. 4 MILES offshore Pensacola: Scuba divers find “what appeared to be tarballs”, “nearby location shows a MUCH THICKER brown film” — Officials deny oil (VIDEO)
  2. Oil on seafloor “seems to be precipitating out and COATING FAIRLY LARGE PART OF THE GULF of Mexico” — “It’s undoubtedly 100 percent sure BP oil” (AUDIO)
  3. Gulf researchers discover SIX INCHES of “oily snow” on seafloor
  4. Scientists find “THICK” layer of oil on seafloor for “DOZENS of miles in ALL directions” — Water as shallow as 300 FEET (PHOTO)
  5. NEAR SHORE: Seafloor covered in 5mm of “sedimented oil” just 23 miles from Gulfport, MS (PHOTO)
  6. Feds: Finding “plenty” of crude all along Gulf Coast by digging holes just offshore — Up to 25 PERCENT OIL in samples
  7. Snorkeler encounters submerged oil just offshore — “Proof oil is buried” near coast (VIDEO)
  8. Divers find seafloor near beaches “COVERED” in “brown residue” from MS to Florida — KIDS swimming around “GIANT POOLS of oily tar balls” big as watermelons
  9. Oil on seafloor heading east, researchers worry toxic crude will resurface (VIDEO)
  10. New report reveals ocean floor covered in crude oil just 40 miles from Florida coast and heading east (PHOTO)

8 comments to NOAA finds “NO VISIBLE OIL” in any samples of sea floor from “areas around the site” of BP’s blow-out

  • Dixie

    Ya know, I am really tired of these jerks insulting my intelligence! NOAA and BP are still going around to the schools with their stupid science project to show the kids that its just cooking oil, cocoa and dawn detergent that is in the gulf. NOAA has shown what they truly are, snakes! No oil, do they think we have all had lobotomies!? Disgusting!

  • Steve Budge

    Why don’t you include the videos of beaches being shot by Lorrie Williams and Denise Rednour? I get them via Facebook.

  • Bill in Boca

    Liar, liar pants on firer!!

  • fred

    NOAA Uses Both Hands, Can’t Find Own Bum.

  • KC

    “All the sediments we have taken have no visible oil on them.”

    No “visible oil”. Yeah, injecting pressurized Corexit with a firehose will do that to an area.

  • I want to crack a joke…like, “Holy shit, do you guys know what this means? NOAA might be lying to us!” Or, “I’d love to tar and feather these guys but NOAA says there’s no tar left.”

    But I’m too pissed. And I wonder how long the American people are going to put up with this. And I realize two things:

    1. Most people are totally brainwashed and lacking in critical facilities, you try talking to them, you can’t.

    2. I know what’s going on, yet I’m not doing anything about it either.

    Now I’m depressed and pissed.

  • TGF

    BULLSHIT, I’m not stupid. Lock the Bastards up.

  • ghana

    Someone has to find a sheriff and a D. A. that will file CRIMINAL charges in an affected area with the evidence being provided by OUTSIDE sources(scientists, researchers, eyewitnesses, whistleblowers, etc.)

    I believe because we have a corporation now considered a person by the Supreme Dorks, that whom-so-evers name is listed as CEO on the address for the corporation should be the criminal that the charges are pressed against! Same for the FED’s in their conspiracy and collusion from the Whitehouse to the leading admiral for the Coast Guard!

    This sheriff and D. A. will have to come from a county or parish residing in LA, FL, AL, or MS or all 4! One should go after the Feds, one after BP, one after Trans Ocean and one for Haliburton! If I’m not mistaken there is a common law court still in order in a county or parish in LA that would have the authority to overstep even the FEDS in the role of Court Sovereign and slam dunk these pukes and give them jail time! It is a possibility if their is any courage left in our peace officers and prosecutors!

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