Why NOAA’s reasons for baby dolphin deaths don’t make much sense

Cold Weather?

  • If the dolphins were killed by the winter cold, other species would likely be affected, too, said Moby Solangi, director of the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies, which has collected a majority of the dolphin carcasses, all of them from a 130-mile stretch of beach in Alabama and Mississippi. – Tampa Tribune


  • “The usual thing with strandings is that we see a mix of old and young dolphins,” Solangi said. “But these all appear to be stillborn or they survived just a day or two before dying.” – Tampa Tribune

Red Tide?

  • Over the last two decades, federal officials have tracked 51 incidents of “unusual mortality events” in dolphins and manatees, most often tied to “red tide” toxins from coastal algae blooms, which afflict the Gulf of Mexico every summer. But none in the past has been linked to surges in deaths of dolphin calves. – USA Today

5 comments to Why NOAA’s reasons for baby dolphin deaths don’t make much sense

  • xdrfox

    GULF COAST residents are saddened by the recent deaths of baby bottlenose dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico. Since the beginning of the year, 53 dead dolphins have washed ashore in four states, … http://blog.al.com/press-register-commentary/2011/02/editorial_dolphin_deaths_let_s.html

  • xdrfox

    If I recall, there should be a video here posted where Kendra from La. talked about a neighbor friend there who miss-carried a child. Can you bring it back to the forefront for us here floridaoilspilllaw ? Please ! We need to ask for others to come forward if this is going on ! Needs to be made public now !

  • ivanthedestroyer

    First, Don’t let any governmental Agency be the only Tester, NO, for Scientific, Security, and Accuracy of Results -NO LESS- then two independent firms should be contracted and supplied with samples. The government cannot be trusted with BP money Flying Around.

    Second, Noaa Investigations are in order and the people can demand it. Yes, You have the right under the constitution to hire attorneys “representing you” to investigate governmental abuse. Gather all your community, put in the pot, and Get on the BALL.

  • Morgana

    If they can’t admit that these tragic deaths are from the spill, I’ll retire to bedlam! Honestly, whenever they say “We still don’t know if this is related to the BP Deepwater Horizon accident” I just want to bitchslap them. And if these things aren’t truly related in some way to that tragic affair, I’ll eat my hat!

  • xdrfox

    Bp and NOAA and CDC have been laying out a path of wiggle room for the courts because of reports they have been issuing and I think they are all in sink with where they want this to end in advance !

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