Nungesser in landslide

Official known for criticizing BP, feds re-elected, AP, October 2, 2010 at 11:00 p.m. EDT:

A local official who emerged as a leading critic of efforts to clean up the oil spilled from BP’s well in the Gulf of Mexico has easily won re-election as president of his coastal Louisiana parish… [with] 71 percent of the vote Saturday in Plaquemines…

6 comments to Nungesser in landslide

  • premurderedGOM

    Nothing changes…..

  • I hope the guy has bodyguards.
    Same for Ron Paul, and son.

    Before martial law is declared, assassination of symbolic leaders will maybe occur.

    Something everybody forgot : 2 days before 9/11, Massoud the Afghan “leader” was assassinated.

    Masoud was the principal problem for Ben Laden, as he always opposed the Taliban.

    Connect the dots…a gift for another…

  • Sorry, I have to say a last thing on the Afghan issue : 2 years ago, a sniper French team in Pakistan tribal zone asked for the permission to shoot Ben Laden himself, this was reported by the French Army.

    But they received a “no go”, after French asked American about the decision.

  • Larquetout,

    [You said [“But they received a “no go…”].

    But of course. Ben Laden is already dead, or is tucked securely in a blanket- and-box: Hidden and nutured by our CIA.

  • Congratulations to the new President Nungesser. In his words…

    “This is a tough and often frustrating fight but we will prevail with the help of BP and the Coast Guard and get this mess cleaned up. Our marshes and beaches will be restored.”

    He’s relying on the progenitors of all the lies — BP and the COAST GUARD, to get the mess cleaned up and restored?

    Only with God’s help and the oceans’ vibrancy will the air, marshes and beaches, and — [the people] be restored.
    And, as far as those people and animals who have died or are sick, how will BP and the Coast Guard manage that? Without that, a true restoration will not have occured.

  • Gary

    Ossama Bin Laded is in a cave in Crawford Texas. never heard of this crap until that traitor Bush was elected.

    Chimpy to Ossama, Chimpy to Ossama hows the cave bud, good buddy we did real good in fulling these morons.
    Lets have the family dinner tommarow at Iqbals.

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