LOCKDOWN: Bipartisan Obama Oil Spill Commission INTIMIDATING SCIENTISTS — Investigating whether they ILLEGALLY SAMPLED GULF without permits… MORE (VIDEO)

Congressman calling for Congressional Investigation into matter (irony?)

Scientists investigating oil spill unsettled by calls from federal commission, WWL, September 16, 2010:

Transcript Excerpts

“We were contacted by the national commission on the BP oil spill,” [Marco Kaltofen, a scientist and head of Boston Chemical Data in Massachusetts] said.

President Barack Obama created the commission to look into the oil spill, hold hearings and eventually make recommendations based on their findings. Yet, the two scientists said the phones calls were unsettling.

“I explained the work, but there seemed to be a grave concern as to why we were finding contamination,” [Dr. William Sawyer, a Florida-based toxicologist] said. “It was sort of a loaded question — and then the questions were geared towards sampling permits.” …

“The second thing we were asked is, ‘Do we believe that our data shows that the federal data is wrong?'” Kaltofen said. “The last thing, of course, is the National Commission impugned my reputation and said that they were trying to determine if we were sampling illegally.” …

“If we don’t get the data out to people, how will they decide if it’s safe?” Kaltofen said.

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9 comments to LOCKDOWN: Bipartisan Obama Oil Spill Commission INTIMIDATING SCIENTISTS — Investigating whether they ILLEGALLY SAMPLED GULF without permits… MORE (VIDEO)

  • Mark

    Typical anything that goes against the Governments huge lie of its safe trust us will be investigated to the full extent of the New world Order laws being put in to place and anyone who dares prove that there is a real danger here and our Government is committing environmental crimes against the people may be prosecuted. The New World Order laws are being made now to brake the laws we have in place our hole government has become corrupt and out right evil. The fact is that anything that comes out now that is truth against BP or our traitorous government EPA FDA and many more will be deemed top priority to discredit to keep the masses sleeping and stupid we are heading back to the days of torture and the Spanish Inquisition ever thing questioned and made heresy. Well the evil cooperations take over the world. Project extinction and depopulation full speed ahead . We are being exterminated by our own Leaders when will we stand up and fight this. Time to get off our butts and do something about this or is it to late? Soon there will be know deniying whats going on their lies are starting to unravel and hopfully when people wake the hell up it will not be two late like world war 3

  • Gary

    This is Al Bushommas special relationship with BP. Once again you are being genocided in the south. GET OUT NOW
    They want the south exterminated as you people live way to well over the British.
    All retires in Florida will be bio terorized. The want your retirement money and this is the best way to get it. You will be dead in less than 5 years. These sprays are more lethal and they will keep spraying until people start really dying. It will be to late when you decide to act.
    Kiss your family and your a– goodbye
    Gulf War II
    Day 150 who’s counting

  • Fancy,

    The Venus Project sends shivers down my spine: As they say, “The Venus Project presents a bold, new direction for humanity that entails the *total redesign* of our culture.”

    They elucidate further: “Only when population exceeds the carrying capacity of the land do many problems such as greed, crime and violence emerge. By overcoming scarcity, most of the crimes and even the prison of today’s society would no longer be necessary.”

    Now, tell me, just how do you suppose this utopian society can be achieved. Their answer? A new social design.

    Fascism? Eugenics?

  • FishHeadfromFL

    Tell the government to kiss off. We here on the Gulf need and want the INDEPENDENT researchers here. WE say they have permission to sample OUR Gulf. We DON’T trust Washington. Besides, who gave the Gulf of Mexico to Washington, District of Criminals? It’s OURS. WE live here, our children are born here, and our ancestors are buried here. The Gulf is OUR LIFE, it is part of who we are. WE say the H**L with Washington’s lies. We want the TRUTH now!!!! I don’t like telling my child he can NEVER swim at the beach or eat fish from his beloved Gulf again. Next time they go out, tell me. I’ll ride along and you bet I’ll have words for the goons in the black suits. I guarantee their ears will burn and they will know what U.S. CONSTITUTION means when I’m done with them. It’s time to choose up sides, folks.

  • FishHeadfromFL

    Oh, and the Venus Project (the P-nis project???HAHAHA!) is just communitarianism. This BS is all over the place, from Agenda 21, sustainable development, blah-blah-blah, on and on. The UN wants you to die or be herded into “sustainable” cities. I guess we old fish heads in Florida will get genocided. They know better than try to herd a bunch of cats.

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